These are commercial parodies on The Amanda Show, including what nobody wants.

Pedestrian Airbag: A commercial about a special airbag that can be used by pedestrians.

Meatloaf Crunch: A commercial about a meatloaf-themed cereal.

Call Zap: A commercial about the latest telephone component that can electrify prank callers.

Homework Hut: A commercial about a delivery place that delivers homework of any kind.

Remote Control Underpants: There's a commercial of some remote control underpants.

Egg Splat: A commercial about the Egg Splat.

Sick Popples: A commercial about popsicles that induce sickness on anyone that wants to get out of going to school. The flavors include Chickenpox Cherry, Pneumonia Orange, Sore throat Grape, and New Measles Mango.

Remote Control Pizza: A commercial about remote-controlled pizzas.

Popper Pants: A commercial about popcorn that you can make in your pants. A website where you can buy others lunch and sell your own.

Allowance Doubler: A commercial about a device that can double one's allowance.

The Boost: A commercial where the player can use a signal to call the Boost to help children deal with anything that is out of reach.

Pass The Skunk!: A commercial that involves passing a skunk.

Super Spitballer 5000: A commercial about a cannon that shoots rocky spit-wads.

Trash Cones: A commercial about ice cream made out of trash.

My Beautiful Big Toe: A commercial about dressing up a person's big toe.

Little Crazy Hatman: A commercial about a Little Crazy Hatman.

Sugar Veggies: A commercial about sugar-made vegetables where a girl and her friend Julie swap out the vegetables with Sugar Veggies upon distracting the parents.

Mammal-Os: A commercial about a healthy cereal with a live mammal in every box.

Ham: A commercial message about the many uses for Ham.

Snap, Krackle, Kaboom: A commercial about exploding cereal.

Super Red Drops: A commercial about a candy ball that is super-hot.

Grown-Up Remote: A commercial about a remote control that can control grown-ups.

Sumo: A commercial about soda that comes from a sumo wrestler.

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