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Listen Out Loud with The Loud House is a podcast spun off from The Loud House that premiered on September 18, 2017, presented on, iTunes, YouTube, and other platforms. Each episode finds Lincoln and/or one of his ten sisters taking the mic to talk about things important to them.


Video # Title Released

Season 1

‘Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_1_Meet_The_Loud_Family’_The_Loud_House_Nick 1 "Meet the Loud Family" September 18, 2017
The Loud kids decide they want to start a podcast but can't agree on what the podcast should be about.
‘Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_2_Luna’_The_Loud_House_Nick 2 "Luna Loud" September 18, 2017 (
September 26, 2017 (YouTube)
Luna gives a tour of her home music studio with her roadie Chunk and discusses her instruments and inspirations.
‘Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_3_Lola’_The_Loud_House_Nick 3 "Lola Loud" September 18, 2017 (
October 3, 2017 (YouTube)
Lola uses her podcast hosting opportunity to dish out all of the latest Loud family gossip to the dismay of her siblings listening in.
'Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_4_Leni'_The_Loud_House_Nick 4 "Leni Loud" September 18, 2017 (
October 10, 2017 (YouTube)
Leni gives a tour of her favorite shops and shopkeepers at the Royal Woods Mall, with Lincoln in tow acting as her producer.
'Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_5_Luan'_The_Loud_House_Nick 5 "Luan Loud" September 18, 2017 (
October 18, 2017 (YouTube)
Luan teaches the basics of pranking using her siblings as target examples. Lessons include preparation, execution, escalation, and escape!
'Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_6_Lori'_The_Loud_House_Nick 6 "Lori Loud" September 18, 2017 (
October 25, 2017 (YouTube)
Lori and Bobby tell the story of their first date but over-romanticize all of the details, so Lynn and Luan jump in to tell the real story.

Season 2

‘Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_7_Lincoln_Loud’_🌳_The_Loud_House_Nick 7 "Lincoln Loud" July 16, 2018 (iTunes)
July 21, 2018
When Lincoln and Clyde take listeners on a tour of their new treehouse, they discover one of their beloved items is missing. The boys investigate Ace Savvy style by questioning Lincoln's prime suspects: his sisters.
Lynn_Loud's_At-Home_Workout_Advice_🎾_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_8_The_Loud_House_Nick 8 "Lynn Loud" August 6, 2018
Lynn demonstrates how to get in a great at-home workout using her big family.
Lana_Loud’s_Vanzilla_Care_Tips_🚗_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_9_The_Loud_House_Nick 9 "Lana Loud" August 27, 2018
Lana demonstrates how to treat a car like a family member by using her family's drivers - Dad, Mom, Lori and Leni - as examples of what not to do.
Lucy_Loud’s_Best_Cemetery_Landmarks_☠️_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_10_The_Loud_House_Nick 10 "Lucy Loud" September 17, 2018
Lucy hosts a top five countdown of her favorite cemetery landmarks, with ghost hunter Lincoln tagging along.
Rita_Loud_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_11_The_Loud_House_Nick 11 "Rita Loud" October 8, 2018
Mom is delighted to have listeners experience a day in the dentist's office while her family gets their teeth cleaned, but scaredy-cat Dad makes the visit a challenge.
Lisa_Loud_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_12_The_Loud_House_Nick 12 "Lisa Loud" October 28, 2018 (iTunes)
October 29, 2018 (YouTube)
Lisa invites listeners to call in to "Ask a Brainiac" with questions for her, but soon grows suspicious about the identity of her callers.

Season 3

Gus's_Restaurant_Review!_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_Ep._13_The_Loud_House 13 "Lincoln & Clyde Review Gus' Games & Grub" May 3, 2020 (iTunes)
June 22, 2020 (YouTube)
Lincoln and Clyde try to review the food and arcade games at Gus’ Games & Grub…they just didn’t count on it being so crowded.
Lola_Loud_Enters_A_Beauty_Pageant!_-_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_Ep._14_The_Loud_House 14 "Lola Loud's Pageant Tips" May 10, 2020 (iTunes)
July 5, 2020 (YouTube)
Lola Loud gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the world of pageantry at the Little Miss Iron Ore competition.
Lucy_Loud_Goes_To_The_Cemetery_🦇_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_Ep.15_The_Loud_House 15 "Lucy and the Mortician's Club" May 17, 2020 (iTunes)
July 12, 2020 (YouTube)
Lucy and the Mortician's Club try to find the perfect location to perform a séance and talk to their old friend, Ricky the Rooster.
Clyde_Has_EXPLOSIVE_Cooking_Problems_🔥_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_16_Loud_House 16 "Clyde Tours Lynn's Table" May 24, 2020 (iTunes)
July 19, 2020 (YouTube)
Clyde shadows Chef Lynn Loud at Lynn’s Table to learn the ins and outs of running a restaurant.
Lana_Loud_Rescues_Animals!_🐶_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_17_The_Loud_House 17 "Pet Adoption Day with Lana Loud" May 31, 2020 (iTunes)
July 26, 2020 (YouTube)
Lana struggles to find the perfect adopters for her pet friends at the animal shelter.
Luan_Loud_Teaches_Comedy_With_Her_CRUSH_😍_Listen_Out_Loud_Podcast_18_The_Loud_House 18 "Luan and Benny's Comedy Class" June 7, 2020 (iTunes)
August 13, 2020 (YouTube)
Luan attempts to keep Mr. Coconuts in line while teaching a comedy class with Benny.

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