Little Pete Wrigley is one of the two protagonists of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, played by Danny Tamberelli.

Four years younger than his brother, Little Pete is often engaged in struggles against adults and other authority figures. He is also known to make irrational decisions in response to problems, like selling the house because his brother hung out with a girl instead of him, without taking responsibility for it (the only exception was back in 'Grounded for Life'). Little Pete has made such enemies as Papercut (whom he defied by throwing scissors, instead of rock), Pit Stain (for insulting his glandular disorder) and Mr. Schwinger (the principal of his school). He has shared enemies with his brother in the forms of "Hat Head" and Lifeguard Mike Uplinger (aka the Urinator).

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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