Lorenzo is a new kid in Arnold's class, having transferred from Peavine Academy, a private school. Lorenzo is quite rich, like Rhonda and Rex Smythe-Higgins III, but has very little idea of how to have fun, since all of his free time is filled with things like viola lessons, meetings, and studying flashcards.


He Has Tan Colored Skin and Black Hair. He is Usually Seen Wearing a Dark Blue Colored Vest with golden buttons, a watch dark Pants. and expensive blue shoes.


  • Lorenzo only had two speaking roles, in "Rich Kid" and "Arnold's Room". Afterward, he became nothing more than a background character (like Iggy, Robert and Joey) for the rest of the show and appearing usually alongside the main child cast or in the background.
    • According to his voice actor Victor Samuel Lopez (who was credited as Victor Cohn-Lopez), his voice broke shortly after his first two episodes.
    • After his 2 episodes, Lorenzo's most notable roles were in "Deconstructing Arnold", and in "Collection Confusion", one of the Hey Arnold! comics made for Nickelodeon Magazine.
  • He was meant to first appear in "Rich Kid", however a deviation between production and airing order caused his debut episode to air after three other episodes which featured him. These three episodes were "Arnold's Room", "Gerald's Tonsils" and "Arnold Betrays Iggy".


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