Lori Marie[1] Loud is the oldest of Lincoln's ten sisters and one of the main characters on The Loud House. She has also appeared as an occasional guest character on its spin-off The Casagrandes. She was 17 years old in the first four seasons, and is now 18 years old from season 5 onward. She used to occasionally be a jerk to Lincoln and her younger sisters, but this trait was gradually phased out in the second season onward. She is the former oldest sibling of the house, before the fifth season which she eventually moved out to college at Fairway University and visiting home on weekends (previously once in a while).

As the oldest of the Loud kids, Lori is the deuteragonist in the first season to fourth season and one of the main characters in the fifth season which she originally could be very bossy and condescending towards her younger siblings. Despite her quick temper, though, she cares deeply about her brother and sisters. Lori has a tendency to use the word "literally" in her sentences, though she never seems to use it in proper context. When not asserting her authority over her siblings, Lori frequently spends her time flirting with her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago, through texting on her smartphone.


She likes to keep her shoes under her bed for unknown reasons. She doesn't like the others touching her possessions, especially her cell phone, which seems to be her most valuable object. The reason for this is that she doesn't want to waste her phone memory for messages other than the ones from Bobby. She's also very territorial as she loudly yells at anyone who goes into to her room without permission before kicking them out.

In some occasions, she acts without thinking, and commits malicious actions against the others for her own selfish benefits, like in "Driving Miss Hazy", but since her love for her family always comes before any petty problem, she has a caring heart underneath a rough exterior, and she will always try to fix her mistakes. Deep down, Lori is insecure and is usually frustrated with the responsibilities and burdens of having to take care of her nine wild sisters and only brother. It is also shown that while she gets annoyed and easily agitated by a lot of people, she feels lonely without the people she loves and cares about (such as Bobby and her family) and her worst fear is in fact, losing them forever.

Following Bobby having moved to Great Lakes City in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" during The Loud House's second season, several of Lori's spotlight episodes in the third and fourth seasons centered around her preparing to graduate high school and go to college. "Driving Ambition" has Lori obtaining a scholarship at Fairway University, a golfing college just five miles outside of Great Lakes City which she'll be close to Bobby again, and she takes a tour of the college in "Don't You Fore-get About Me". In the meantime, she gets a job as the assistant manager for her dad's restaurant in "Can't Hardly Wait" and also tries working as a ride-share driver to save up money to buy her own car for college in "Coupe Dreams", eventually buying an old car from Mr. Grouse. In "Senior Moment", she, along with her friends Carol and Roger, does several activities for the last year of high school.

In the fifth-season premiere, "Schooled!", she moved out to start her freshman year of college at Fairway University and retired from being in charge, but initially having trouble fitting in and then ultimately deciding that she can make things work out. Since then, she has appeared less frequently on the show and visiting home once in a while, such as for Lana and Lola's birthday party in "Strife of the Party" and Christmas in "Season's Cheatings". She also has episodes focusing on her at Fairway for the first time in "Ghosted!" which shows her without in the Loud House, due to her moving out to attend college and be close to Bobby again. Since in "Lori Days", she is now visiting home every weekend, due to her been away from the Loud House for so long and missing out on everything with her younger siblings.

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