Dr. Lucille "Lucy" Kojo-Carmichael is Randy's wife and the mother of their four children: Alisa, Buster, Edwin and Susie. She is a Harvard-educated wonder mom, she plays piano and learned a few culinary tricks from Le Cordon Bleu. She has various hobbies, such as piloting commercial jets, making replica Tiffany lamps and conducting heart surgery. Also, as Didi's primary physician, she delivered Dil at birth. She's a beautiful, kind-hearted woman, she also takes great pride in her cooking, believing that's what got Randy's boss into promoting him, and tries to be very supportive to her eldest daughter, Alisa, so to prove she can be mature.

While it may seem that she and Randy spoil their children, they're the typical stern-but-lovable parents and actually discipline and teach them how to behave. An example could be in Meet the Carmichaels, where Lucy keeps insisting to Susie that she can't cry to get what she wants. It could be seen that like Charlotte, both are independent women who are seen as the hard-working women, who both want the best for their girls but work tends to sometimes take up time. However, unlike Charlotte and her husband, Drew, Lucy and Randy pay way more attention to their kids and don't approve if their children act badly. Susie, like Angelica, looks up to her mom very much and wants to follow in her footsteps and become a doctor.

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