Lynn L. Loud Sr. is the patriarch of the eponymous family and a supporting character on The Loud House. In the show's first season, he and his wife Rita were typically only seen from the neck down, or would have their faces obstructed, the reason being to visually empower the Loud kids to solve their problems. Their faces were finally revealed in the second season premiere, "11 Louds a Leapin'", and have been shown regularly ever since.

Lynn Sr., the namesake of his fifth-oldest daughter, is stern and often has to call a halt to his kids' fights, but he loves and cares about them. He also loves his wife and often acts playfully romantic towards her. He is quite skilled at cooking, to the point that, in the show's second season, he left his IT job as an information technologist to pursue his dream job of becoming a full-time chef. After working as a co-chef at the Aloha Comrade fusion restaurant, he opened his own restaurant, Lynn's Table, in the third season finale, "Cooked!" He also has a fascination with British culture and, like his only son Lincoln, is a fan of Legends of the Hidden Temple.


In "Fed Up", it is revealed that Lynn Sr.'s astrological sign is Libra, which means he was born on or somewhere between September 23 and October 22.

In "Home of the Fave", it is revealed that, when Lynn Sr, was a kid, his father Leonard played favorites with him and his siblings. Despite the apparent case of parental favoritism, Leonard would always taken Lynn Sr. to Camp Mastodon for summer vacation.

According to "Study Muffin" and "L is for Love", he spent a semester in England, which made him love British culture.

According to "House Music", he tried to play in a music band, but his bandmates kicked him out, because they did not like his cowbell playing.

As shown in "L is for Love" and The Loud House Movie, he met his future wife, Rita, when she worked as a crossing guard. Since she was too shy to directly talk to him, she slipped love letters to him whenever he passed by. On her third note, she asked him to meet her at Banger's & Mosh, and the two fell in love at that very restaurant.

In The Loud House Movie, it is revealed that his ancestors were Scottish.

Lynn Sr. wanted to be a chef, but to keep his wife and children fed and well, he worked as an IT specialist.

Episodes focusing on Lynn Sr.

  • "Fed Up"
  • "Job Insecurity"
  • "Future Tense"
  • "Legends"
  • "Anti Social"
  • "Pipe Dreams"
  • "Breaking Dad"
  • "Home of the Fave"
  • "Cooked!"
  • "Present Tense"
  • "Feast or Family"
  • "Schooled!"
  • "Camped!"
  • "Dad Reputation"
  • "Much Ado About Noshing"
  • "A Bug's Strife"
  • "Dine and Bash"
  • "Sofa, So Good"
  • "Forks and Kives Out"


  • He is the second Nicktoon father to have his voice actor reprise his role in a live-action adaptation, the other being Mr. Turner.


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