Macie Lightfoot (voiced by Jackie Harris) is one of Ginger Foutley's best friends. Though highly intelligent, the lack of parental guidance (which borders on neglect) causes Macie to be shy and awkward in public.


Macie and Dodie were friends prior to meeting Ginger in the second grade; they become fast friends and remain a steady trio into adulthood.

In Come Back Little Seal Girl, Macie, Dodie, and Ginger agree to do a skit devoted to The Little Seal Girl (their childhood heroine), for the school talent show. When Dodie and Ginger back out because they believe it's too juvenile, Macie goes solo, stating that her friends are betraying her and the Seal Girl they've lived by for their whole lives. She ends up winning the talent show.

In Family Therapy, Macie's parents forget about her thirteenth birthday and, to make it up to her, buy her a swing-set (along with other children's toys), which she is years beyond, but still thinks it is an amazing gift because her parents acknowledged her birthday. Ginger comments on it, suggesting that Macie set them straight, to which Macie responds that it is none of her business. However, Macie eventually learns that it is time to grow up.

She is last seen in the series finale as part of the group that has turned out for Ginger's book reading. Her appearance doesn't change much, except that she appears to be taller and more mature. There is fan speculation that she marries Robert Joseph (better known as Hoodsey).


Macie is in a constant state of panic, as she is allergic to everything and fears change. She is portrayed as the "geek" in the group, and is very knowledgeable on quite an array of subjects. Macie is incredibly childish, most likely due to her absentee parents who are not there to help her through the various stages of adolescence. As such, she is ill-prepared for high school.


  • She resembles Milhouse Van Houten from The Simpsons.
  • She has the same styled glasses as Chuckie Finster from Rugrats, only hers were small and blue.


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