The Fairly OddParents Magic Muffin
This Magic Muffin is a special wish granting muffin that can grant wishes that are free of Da Rules with one bite. Whenever a godchild has kept his fairy godparents

for over a year without revealing their secret, they may get this special gift as a present. According to Jorgen Von Strangle, "only children who have kept their fairies for over a year can be trusted with that kind of gift." Its only downfalls are that they grant rule-free wishes, so adults can use them (demonstrated by the school Muffin Man and Crocker), as well as a non-dominant species (demonstrated by Bippy the Monkey). Also, it tastes horrible. Despite its rule-free wishing ability, you can't wish for it to taste better. Also the cupcake will eventually be completely eaten, so its uses are finite.


Timmy Turner was given this muffin by Cosmo and Wanda on the one year anniversary of meeting his godparents. However, the muffin falls into the hands of the school Muffin Man who wishes for mouthwash after tasting it and he actually gets it. Bippy the Monkey wishes for a world in which apes of all types were the dominant species. Timmy cannot revert the wish because fairies now serve the dominant species on Earth, monkeys. He finally manages to "trick" Bippy (or more specifically, Cosmo) into unwishing the wish. The muffin is used again by Crocker who wishes to catch a fairy, and then catches Wanda and uses her magic to take over the world, with Timmy's efforts to oppose him simply resulting in Cosmo being captured as well. In the end, Timmy deprives Crocker of his power source by revealing his godparents to his parents, causing them to be taken away and Crocker to lose his powers. As Timmy's mother and father beat the muffin out of Crocker's battle suit, Timmy finishes the muffin and wishes Cosmo and Wanda were his godparents once again.


According to the video game Shadow Showdown, these are the known ingredients.

  • Pixie Sugar
  • Mooncalf Milk
  • Phoenix Egg
  • Super Strong Hair Raising Flour

These items can only be found on the internet.


The muffin briefly appeared again in Wishology in part 1 of The Big Beginning but this time, Timmy knows not to risk using it.


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