"Marc's Mother Visits" is the first episode of Weinerville.


Picture Segment Notes
200px Cold Open Zip runs through the office wall after hearing Marc's Mom was coming to Weinerville.
Marc tries reasoning Dottie Marc's Introduction Marc learns from Mayor Dottie that his mother is coming which explained why most of its inhabitants don't want to be around when she arrives.
Gerald McBoing-Boing's Symphony Title Gerald McBoing-Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony, a little boy who can't talk but can imitate any sound, is working as a one-man sound effects department for a radio station. When a scheduled symphony orchestra does not show up, Gerald replaces them. He is doing fine until he mixes up the score with the sound effects script, and creates an original symphony. He is fired, but the critics hail his work as that of a genius.

Stage Door Magoo Title Card Mr. Magoo

Stage Door MagooMagoo has been enlisted as the male lead in Mrs. Sticknee's vanity production opera. On his way to the stage, he winds up in the rafters and causes havoc, cutting the various lines, standing in front of a spotlight, falling down stairs and trying to enter through a trap door the diva is standing on, and eventually crashing into a control board, triggering a snowstorm.

Marc to chris hands out boogie buckets General Store After a message from Wiping Wilma Green, Marc unveils the "Boggie Bucket", which can cover all sneezes.
Boney in his cave with the kids Boney Boney tells the kids the story of the "Pessimistic Train that Couldn't".
A Leak in the Dike Title Card A Leak in the Dike Jacky's Whacky World presents the story of the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike.
Tim and Amity Weinerized in Playland Playland Tim and Amity play: "Toys Away"

Winner: Tim

Marc meeting his mom in Weinerville Ending Marc finally meets his mother offscreen who tells what went on with him around downtown Weinerville.

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