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Episode premieres

Year Show Episode(s)
1999 The Angry Beavers "Omega Beaver" / "Bite This!" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
2000 Rocket Power
  • "Big Air Dare" / "Otto's Big Break" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
  • "Snow Day" / "Welcome to the Club" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
2002 Oswald "The Sniffles" / "The Broken Vase" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
2003 SpongeBob SquarePants "The Sponge Who Could Fly" Nickelodeon 2003.svg
2005 Dora the Explorer "Big Sister Dora" Nickelodeon 2003.svg Noggin 1999.svg
2007 The Backyardigans "Cops and Robots" Nick 2006.svg Noggin 1999.svg
2008 Go, Diego, Go! "Gorilla Fun" Nick 2006.svg Noggin 1999.svg
2010 Dora the Explorer "Swiper the Explorer" Nick 2009.svg
2011 Team Umizoomi "Crazy Skates" Nick 2009.svg Nick Jr. logo 2009.svg
2014 Wallykazam! "The Great Wishing Potato" Nick 2009.svg Nick Jr. logo 2009.svg
2015 T.U.F.F. Puppy "Great Scott" / "To Bee or Not to Bee" Nicktoons 2014.svg
2018 Thomas & Friends "Slow Stephen" / "Two Wheels Good" Nick 2017.svg Nick Jr. logo 2009.svg

Home video

  • 1995:
    • The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Farewell, My Little Viking VHS
    • Clarissa Explains It All: Ferguson Explains It All VHS
    • Ren & Stimpy: Incredibly Stupid Stories VHS
  • 2006: Blue's Room: Fred's Birthday VHS & DVD
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