Margaret "Margie" Star is the mother of Patrick and Sam Star and the wife of Herb and the aunt of Gary.


She and her husband were first indirectly mentioned by Patrick as "parents" in "Home Sweet Pineapple."

In "The Chaperone," SpongeBob indirectly mentions her when he says, "No, that was Patrick who brought his mom."

In "Something Smells," when Patrick is rambling in the Reef Cinema's bathroom, he says, "What's my mom gonna say?," indirectly mentioning her.

In "I'm with Stupid," she has her husband appear at the end of the episode. Squidward comes over to Patrick's house to say that Patrick's parents have been repeatedly asking, "Where's Patrick?" Patrick hugs his parents and they are impressed that he can do basic tasks like getting dressed.

In "Rule of Dumb," she appears on the family tree. This appearance also reveals her name.