Martin "Marty" Green (more commonly known as Mr. Green) is a character in Hey Arnold!


Marty is the good-natured and jovial butcher who runs Green Meats, a store that was passed down to the Green family for generations. He is hardworking, mostly working by just himself (even on extremely busy days).

He is also shown to care a lot about his community, even to the point of running for city councilman after the incumbent did little to nothing to fix a giant pot-hole outside of his butcher shop.


Marty Green is a big man, with brown hair glasses a big nose and wears a Butcher outfit, He has grey hair in Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.


In "Mr. Green Runs," Mr. Green becomes a councilman of the city. He is a dedicated butcher and a politician. The movie revealed that he had two brothers named Dave and Benji, and a son who, ironically, is a vegetarian. He's loosely based on Ernest Borgnine's titular character in the film Marty.


  • The first movie implies that Marty has a strained relationship with his son--however, it doesn't seem to be over his son being a vegetarian but more about his son not wanting to follow in his footsteps and take over the butcher shop, just like Marty had done with his own father.
  • In The Jungle Movie Marty is featured with grey hair instead of brown this is most likely a mistake or age.



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