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Episode premieres

Year Show Episode(s)
1993 Rugrats "Driving Miss Angelica" / "Susie vs. Angelica" Nickelodeon 1985 Splat.svg
2001 CatDog "Rinky Dinks" / "Hypno-teased" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
2005 Dora the Explorer "Dora's Got a Puppy" Nickelodeon 2003.svg
Martin Mystery "It Came from the Bog" (series premiere) Nickelodeon 2003.svg
2006 LazyTown "Dancing Duel" Nick 2006.svg Noggin 1999.svg
2007 Max & Ruby "Ruby's Loose Tooth" / "Ruby's Sandcastle" / "Ruby Scores!" Nick 2006.svg
2008 The Fairly OddParents "King Chang" Nick 2006.svg
2009 iCarly "iReunite With Missy" Nick 2006.svg
True Jackson, VP "Amanda Hires a Pink" Nick 2006.svg
2010 Nick News with Linda Ellerbee "So NOT Cool: The Most Annoying Stuff Parents Say and Do" Nick 2009.svg
2013 Big Time Rush "Big Time Lies" Nick 2009.svg
Wendell & Vinnie "Pick-ups & Drop-offs" Nick 2009.svg
2014 Sanjay and Craig "A Tale of Two Slithers" Nick 2009.svg
2015 Henry Danger "Jasper's Real Girlfriend" Nick 2009.svg
Bella and the Bulldogs "Kicking and Scheming" Nick 2009.svg
2016 The Loud House "Hand Me Downer" Nick 2009.svg Nicktoons 2016.svg
2017 "Out of the Picture" Nick 2017.svg Nicktoons 2016.svg
2018 Thomas & Friends "The Other Side of the Mountain" Nick 2017.svg Nick Jr. logo 2009.svg
2019 Butterbean's Café "Cricket Delivers!" Nick 2017.svg Nick Jr. Channel 2018.svg
2020 The Loud House
  • "Feast or Family" Nick 2017.svg
  • "A Dark and Story Night" Nick 2017.svg
All That "Episode 1126" Nick 2017.svg

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