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  • I live in the West coast of the US
  • My occupation is Technician
  • I am just zis guy, ya know?
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  • Greetings! The name's Widget! I came from a fellow Nickelodeon wikia to ask if I can get an invite to this wikia's discord server. Thank you!

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    • I didn't set that up and I haven't used it. You might want to ask one of the other admins.

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    • A FANDOM user
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    • I could provide advice or technical help, but nothing in the way of regular editing. I'm not watching much TV right now and I can't even remember when I watched something on CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox, outside of The Simpsons.

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    • Well then, any technical advice?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I got the information you wanted, unless CGI Genius already discussed this whole debacle with you.

    1. Brown Bag has different voices of voice call at any time so unless you ask them their name which will lead to "secret exposure" (they say).

    2. Two days after you posted your first Halloween story idea.

    3. My internet was expensive at that time and I had no spare time online because I was at a cafe, so I could't tell you straight away that they were looking for one piece for their Halloween special and they picked yours. They were only looking for a piece of the story.

    4. I'm wondereing why they didn't even mention it - unless you or I are there in person to ask them. The communication channels are outdated at the moment.

    5. I told you that I'm a born-animation-lifeforce through and through which used only the communication channels on their site to pass on your ideas to them. For ideas to In case you don't know, if you knew one person working for Nickelodeon, he'll/she'll tell you what I couldn't tell you. I never said I was working for Brown Bag.

    6. Monday October 24, 2019, Robert Jadie Marcos Pinues, 321, South Circle Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Plus, CGI wrote this: "Looks like your idea was overshadowed by another there!! Well, what Brown Bag tried to tell me was the Halloween package for the series was put to work long before you came up with yours. And what they said was you may not have your name amongst the "Written by" column, but it's nonetheless a contribution of immense note."

    What should we do now? Move ahead to step 2 or close the case?

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    • The answer to your question about the TV show idea is the same answer as your story idea. You have to hire an agent to represent you. They will tell you what the process is for pitching an idea and help you find companies that might be interested in it. But you've got a lot of work ahead of you before you can even do that.

      If you notice, your message above looks different. I removed the idea you described. Anything posted on a wiki like this one is covered by what's called CC-BY-SA licensing. The simple explanation is anyone can do anything with what's posted here as long as they stick to the licensing agreement. So the second you posted your idea, it was up for grabs. It's hidden now, but it's still possible to see it if you know how.

      That's lesson number one: Don't put anything on the Internet that you don't want people to take from you and use it themselves.

      Lesson number two: You need more than just an idea. Your Halloween story idea was a good start. It had more than what I usually see other people write. They'll write something like "Calvin and Hobbes meet Luke Skywalker and go on an adventure" and that's their entire idea. You put in more details that brought it closer to what goes into an episode, but it was still a ways away from being in good enough shape to be an episode.

      How you get from an idea to something that has the potential for a company to buy from you involves doing a lot of writing to improve your skills. There are classes for that. Some should be free or low-cost, and offered at whatever school or college you might be attending. You'll also need to read a lot so you can learn from other authors to see how they write.

      To get an idea of where you need to go in order to have a chance that your idea could become an episode or a TV show, do a search for the following:

      • examples of tv show episode scripts
      • creating a show bible

      The first will show you the kinds of descriptions and dialogue goes into every TV show episode and into movies, be it live action or animated. The second will show you about how TV shows are developed, and goes into details like "these are our characters, here are their motivations and goals, these are the directions our stories will take", sometimes planning out an entire season so the people who would pay to make it happen have a better idea of where the series will go.

      So, before you try any further with getting an idea to a company, work on the fundamentals of writing so you'll have the skill for them to see you could be hired and to prove to them that you can flesh out an idea to become a story that others would want to read or watch.

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    • Understood. I guess my CW (no relation to the channel CW with that acronym) idea will have to be an independent series, since I did mention that this Trent Duncan fellow is an independent film maker.

      And thanks again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, Roger or RRabbit42!

    The script Baldwin17 wrote which I've corrected was already gone. Forget what I'm about to say if your knowledge is accurate at your at last reply: Unlike shows where scripts and stories are somewhat hard to come by in-studio and those which are pre-meditatedly unenjoyable, thus like you said shelved, as a result, third-parties, of which I'm part like you said, have to call the studio responsible for the animation, agree to their work timeframe of that episode and call the network responsible for TV airing to announce its readiness for broadcast.

    I've not just contacted them; I've given them a suitable timeframe  which they'll complete. I'm a half-certified animation writer and animator. Bear in mind that what I've done ain't out because I'll have to be fully trained and certified before I can acomplish them. In case you've forgotten, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures Wiki, of which I am admin and founder, the episodes are scripted, animated and finalized in bulk before releasing on Netflix and TV.

    In case if you've not noticed, as time changes, episode scripting, making and releasing has become way faster than last time you checked. What you said is so true, but this is post 2015-era where it is the big 3, i.e. Cartoon Network, Disney (Channel, XD & Junior) and Nickelodeon (depending on age category, Nick Jr., Nicktoons or the channel itself), that animated or cartoony TV shows are "shipped" to for broadcast.

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    • The first thing you should learn about the ins and outs of the studio is what their official process for submitting story ideas are. Meaning, the legal way that a person who submits an idea gets credit and financial payment for the idea.

      There isn't a lot of information about how it happened, but I got the impression that you didn't ask him ahead of time if he'd like you to let the studio know about his story idea. It sounded more like you told him after you'd already done it. If that was the case, then you didn't have any legal right to present his idea to the studio, and if the episode was made the way you and he have said it was, then the studio acted pretty stupidly for putting themselves at risk of a law suit about where that idea came from. It could be claimed that you used insider knowledge to bypass the studio's established submission process.

      The second thing you should learn is exactly how much time and effort it takes to make an episode. You kept saying "it's faster now than before", but two months is unrealistic. Here's a partial list of groups that was involved in making an episode of another cartoon series. The full list of is about two or three times that many and includes all companies involved in the episode.

      • Storyboard Supervisor
      • Storyboard Artists
      • Storyboard Revisionists
      • Art Director
      • Character Designers
      • Location Designer
      • Prop Designers
      • Location Color
      • Character & Prop Color
      • Cleanup Artists
      • Character Rotations
      • Character Builders
      • Character Builds Supervisor
      • BG Builds Supervisor
      • Animatic Editor
      • Slugging & Offline Editor
      • Online Editor
      • Layout Artists
      • Key Layout Artists
      • Layout Supervisors
      • Animation Directors
      • Animation Revisionists
      • AFX Artist
      • Production Managers
      • Production Coordinators
      • Dialogue Recording
      • Audio Post Production & Mix
      • Recording Engineer
      • Sound Editors
      • Re-Recording Mixers
      • Foley Recordist & Editor

      The spider costume Charlotte wore and all the other Halloween costumes? Made by a costume designer. Charlotte, the kids and kitten that were seen in the cafe? Made by a character designer. The food everyone handled and the recycling bin outside? Made by prop designers. The sounds of footsteps? Recorded by a foley artist. The wind that blew in the open door? Created or added from a library of sound effect by the Sound Editor.

      It's nowhere near as simple as you made it out to be. It's not "We don't need a script. Just give us an idea and we'll make an episode in a couple of weeks."

      And speaking of Charlotte, she was voiced by Rachel Ray. Here's the video of her announcing on her TV show that she recorded a voice for Butterbean's Cafe. Notice how she says "A while back, I was given a chance" to voice a cartoon character. This was posted on October 4th, 2019. If the idea for "A Bean For Halloween!" came from Baldwin17 or even that other person you now say got their idea in just 3 days before Baldwin17 did, Rachel saying "A while back" indicates it was much earlier than the first of August that she recorded the lines. She didn't say, "I was suddenly given the chance to record a voice" or "a couple of weeks ago" or "two months ago" or anything that would indicate that she was asked to voice the character of Charlotte during the very condensed timeline you and Baldwin17 have been claiming occurred between when the story idea was submitted and when that episode aired.

      "A while ago" is what you'd say if you were referring to spring or summer. If voices are recorded first so the animation can be timed and matched to the voices, then Rachel would have been contacted almost immediately after you and Baldwin17 have said the story idea was accepted, around August 20th. Again, this is unrealistic and the idea that there's a studio that magically figured out how to make episodes in a drastically reduced amount of time that no other animation studio has been able to duplicate sounds more and more like it's too good to be true.

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    • That episode you mentioned was written by the creators themselves and since I'm yet to realistically enter the animation speedway and it ain't my or his series, I get that! He was so excited to see his idea sent to the studio that should I disappoint him, say by saying it's impossible for them to process this in-studio befor exporting to the TV network for scheduling and airing, it's like I'm playing into the feelings of someone I just met online and don't know too.

      Based on all these insights, he knew and so did I that, that episode was planned for another season and the next Halloween. If they can't make the episode in 2-4 months, how does an entire season (never mind the series in discussion and TV network scheduling) which was made 9 months 9-11 months ago air/release in a whole day?

      Then also, production-studio-TV-network relationship is not like they've done it such that you'll wait a whole half-year sometimes to have new series or new episodes being released?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi RRabbit42! I messaged you on a couple of other wikis, but just to say again that my name's Chris, and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for Nickipedia! I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall. :)

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  • Hello RRabbit42,

    Not long ago, it has been brought to my attention that you had some brilliant ideas for refining the scope of this wiki. I want to incorporate your ideas as well as others onto one main rule page here, so everything is organized and concise. I started up a suggestions discussion (check your notifications) which you are free to involve yourself in, so we can discuss your ideas in further detail.

    Thanks, Golfpecks256

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  • Do you have a discord?

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    • No, I don't. I stopped going into the chat rooms on a couple of wikis because I found I prefer to take my time when I reply, rather than trying to hold a real-time conversation. It also lets me use the time for other things, such as fending off some of the more frequent vandalism I've come across recently.

      However, if there is something you need to discuss, let me know.

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  • Hi RRabbit42, would you or another administrator be able to edit two pages locked to only admins? According to today's news reports ([1]), the in-development Rugrats movie has been moved from November 13, 2020 to January 29, 2021. This date needs to be changed on both Rugrats (live-action film) and Rugrats (2020 TV series). Thank you and so sorry to bother you.

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    • I changed the protection on both to the middle level, but didn't change the notice on the page. You should be able to make the change now.

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    • Thanks so much, I was able to correct them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I would like to thank you for fixing The Loud House movie page. I thought no one was going to change it.

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    • It's okay. We had to fully protect the page which meant only an admin like myself could update it. You did it right by providing the link to where you saw the info and I was able to put that into the page.

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    • No problem, just glad I can help.

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  • Thanks for the unblock, RRabbit42. I don’t why that happen unexpectedly.

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    • The abuse filter was supposed to just stop someone from making an edit that included profanity. Apparently, it also catches file names that have profanity in them.

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    • That’s right. I was about to delete them, until I got blocked for something I didn’t do.

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    • A FANDOM user
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