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  • Three months is completely unfair, considering I keep this ENCYCLOPEDIA in order as best I can without powers. I do what you tell me to and I'm punished for fighting vandals and following directions. Thats not disruptive

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  • In reviewing your edits, it has become apparent that you need to take a break from this wiki, for the following reasons:

    • You are able to find many ways why things should not be done the way they always have, but you are unwilling to find any sort of compromise or middle ground.
    • When you object to edits made by other people, you want certain rules and conditions applied to their edits. However, when you make the same kind of edits, apparently those same rules and conditions are not supposed to apply to you.
    • Your comments to Sonic fan 2012 last week demonstrate the same negative and disruptive attitude that you've shown before.

    Come back in three months and we'll see if your attitude has improved.

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  • The Wikipedia template says "This page uses content from Wikipedia". It does not specify an amount that is used, such as "This page uses 100% content from Wikipedia" or "This page uses 62% content from Wikipedia". Just content. This means that if any amount is copied directly from Wikipedia, the template needs to be used.

    To avoid having to use the template, any phrases or sentences copied from Wikipedia would need to be rewritten so that the idea is conveyed without using the exact words. In the case of the Whitney Houston article, the entire first paragraph will need to be rewritten in order for the Wikipedia licensing to no longer apply.

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    • That doesn't excuse your outright targeting of substantial contribution while praising non-contribution of unwritten articles that were created and abandoned. There is no other way to express identity, birthdate, or profession. I substantially rewrote the first paragraph and thus the template is no longer needed

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    • A FANDOM user
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