Mia is the heroine of Mia and Me. In the human world, she has brown hair and brown eyes. When she transforms into an elf, she has pink hair and purple eyes.


Mia is a normal girl who was given a present from her parents after they passed away. This present was a magical book that allows Mia to transform into a winged elf and travel to a land called Centopia.


As a human

Mia has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform. She normally wears her bracelet.

As an elf

Mia has thick dark pink hair which is tied with a pink hair tie into two low pigtails resting in front of her shoulders. Her hair is also decorated with a butterfly-like ornament on her right head and randomly placed gemstones. Her eyes are purple, and she has a small mole on right upper cheek. Mia wears a short strapless pink dress decorated with colorful round patterns. Her dress's edges are lined with the color dark pink. She wears the bracelet from her book. She also wears the Friendship ring given by Yuko and given by Mo. She wears pink stocking-like boots with the same style of her dress.

Her wings are white with a slight touch of pink. There are pink lines and pink circles inside it.


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