Mikey Munroe is Bunsen's loyal best friend, Sophie's boyfriend, and the deuteragonist of the Nickelodeon animated show Bunsen Is a Beast. He is voiced by Ben Giroux.

Physical appearance

He has orange hair, the same height as Amanda, has apricot skin, he mostly wears a green shirt with a dark green zig-zag lines and has a white collar and sleeves and also wears blue pants and a red-and-white sneakers.


Mikey is a quiet, shy and intelligent young boy who is trying new things and embracing different aspects of life, especially Bunsen being around a lot. He's an untalented speller.


  • In the original pilot for Bunsen Is a Beast, Mikey had blue eyes and wore a white shirt with red stripes, but in the show he has black eyes and wears a green shirt with dark green zig zags.


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