Miles Preston is the tritagonist of The Haunted Hathaways. He's a member of the Preston family and he is a ghost. The character Miles was portrayed by Curtis Harris. It is currently unknown what the cause of his death was.

Miles is the good-hearted son of Ray Preston and the older brother of Louie Preston. He is very good-natured and kind, and extremely enthusiastic. He can also be a little naive. Despite the fact that he is a ghost, Miles does not like scaring people and is actually very friendly, unlike his brother, Louie.


  • He is into journalism, backgammon, and dancing.
  • Given that he was able to make Emma into a star gymnast while controlling her and his althletic agility, this suggests that Miles is good at gymnastics. He has on occasion demonstrated this directly without controlling someone.
  • He is allergic to taffy.
  • He has a bow tie collection.
  • Next to his bow tie collection, nothing is more important to him than keeping his word.
  • He loves science.
  • Before befriending Taylor, he didn't have any friends.
  • Miles secretly read Taylor's Diary.
  • Miles' email address begins with Hugsy Von Smiles-A-Lot.
  • He can turn himself into a rainbow.