Misty (also referred to as The Illusive Mystery) is a ninja alien hero-turned-paid villain. She possesses ghostly psychic powers and advanced martial arts skills.

She appeared in the episodes Teen Team Time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles, and Mist Opportunities.


Misty typically has a calm, cool, calculating demeanor, and tends to be overconfident in her abilities, as well as mischievous and vengeful once angered.

She was a kind and loyal friend to Jenny when they first met in Teen Team Time, and enjoyed hanging out with her on Earth as teenage girls.

However, when Misty returned in Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles, she attended Jenny’s school and was picked on by the Crust Cousins, prompting her into starting a prank war with them that shortly grew out of hand due to Misty’s vengeful nature. Misty showed a dark, sadistic and cruel side of herself in this episode, proving to be a megalomaniacal bully. She invaded Brit and Tiff’s minds in order to exploit their worst fears, giving them nightmares in the process (whilst laughing evilly), then mercilessly tormenting them later at school in attempt to get revenge and frighten them. For this, she was expelled by the principal of Tremorton High. In her ruthless, power-hungry quest to get revenge on the Crusts, Misty was also a bad influence on Jenny, encouraging her to join her in tormenting Brit and Tiff, which Jenny later regretted when she realized how much of a bully Misty had become.

Misty’s cruel, vengeful, and hot-headed behavior worsened in Mist Opportunities, when she became truly villainous, reckless, selfish, and greedy, refusing to defend the people of Tremorton and do her duties as a “hero” unless she was paid. She became Jenny’s enemy after viciously beating her up, threatening that she would have destroyed her if she was paid to do it.

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