Mondo Gecko
Mondo Gecko is a mutanimal on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (voiced by Robbie Rist), was named Jason, a teenage skatboarding star who was skateboarding home one night when a vial of mutagen fell on him. As the result of placing his pet leopard gecko Lars on his shoulder, he mutated into a 4 ft. humanoid mutant leopard gecko and was left out on the streets by his parents (who saw him as a freak and unfit to live with them anymore), where he'd spent the rest of his days skateboarding until he was taken in as an errand boy by Fishface (who had called himself "Mr. X" by his peers). Making quick friends with Michelangelo and Casey Jones, Mondo eventually saw the true colors of his boss, and after racing against him, he defected from the Foot Clan and became friends with the Turtles.
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