"Money Talks" is the first segment of the 88th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


At the Krusty Krab, a customer wants to sit at a certain table, but two elderly people (Old Man Jenkins and Mary) are already sitting there. SpongeBob said the customer could sit at the table when they are done although the guy said he would pay $5 if he gets it now. Mr. Krabs agrees with this offer and kicks the old people out. Mr. Krabs then says "Money talks," he likes the idea and wishes he could talk to money.

Later at his house, Mr. Krabs forces the money to talk. Of course, it doesn't. Mr. Krabs then shouts he wants to talk to money. The Flying Dutchman appears and said he would grant his wish if he sells his soul. Mr. Krabs takes the offer, and the Flying Dutchman throws pixie dust on him. Mr. Krabs then wakes up and thinks it was a dream until he hears his money talk. At first, he is delighted. He takes all the money from his safe at the Krusty Krab and takes it home. But to Mr. Krabs' disappointment, the money tells him how badly they want to be spent. He decided to spend some of it on fairy princess outfits, corn dogs, and diapers (as the money wanted). Mr. Krabs tries to put the rest of the money in a bag, give it to SpongeBob, and ask him to bury it but that just makes him lose the money so he takes the bag back. Mr. Krabs becomes restless and starts to regret his deal with the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman appears and is about to take Mr. Krabs' soul, but he said he already sold his soul. Suddenly, a group of monster-like ghosts, including SpongeBob, are lined up and say that Mr. Krabs sold his soul to them too.

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Ghouls Fools
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 5, Volume 1
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 5th Season


  • This episode aired in Germany on June 14, 2007, before it aired in the USA.
  • This episode's title is also one of the achievements in the Xbox 360 version of SpongeBob's Truth or Square.
  • When Mr. Krabs talks to the money, he asks it in French "Parlez vous Francais?," in Spanish "Habla Español?," and in Pig Latin "Ouyay peaksay Igpay Atinlay?."
    • In the German version, when Mr. Krabs speaks to the money, he asks it if it speaks French (in French), Spanish (in Spanish) and "Parlare pronto lira pizza fungi" which means "Speaking ready lira mushroom pizza." This does not make sense but it is Italian.
      • In the Dutch version, when Mr. Krabs speaks to the money, he asks it if it speaks French (in French), Spanish (in Spanish) and German "Sprechen sie Deutsch".
  • The light Mr. Krabs used to talk to the money and question it, is also used in "Krusty Dogs," when SpongeBob is making the exploding Krusty Dog.
  • The plot point about Mr. Krabs trading his soul to talk to money is similar to stories about people who sell their soul to the devil, often for power or wealth.
  • Mr. Krabs seems to give up his soul often according to the I.O.U.
  • This is the second time Mr. Krabs made a deal with the Flying Dutchman. The first time was when he sold SpongeBob for 62¢ in "Born Again Krabs."
  • This is one of the few episodes where SpongeBob cares about getting his paycheck.


  • When Old Man Jenkins and Mary get kicked out, they disappear in the next shot.
    • It would have not been possible for them to walk out the scene quickly, due to being on the ground.

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