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Moody's Point was a sketch on the Nickelodeon series The Amanda Show. It was performed in seasons two and three. The sketch parodied the WB's Dawson's Creek and all other teen dramas or soap operas.

The sketch focuses on Moody, an emotionally exaggerated teen whose mother is lost in a hot air balloon and whose father is missing a toe. It featured her friends such as her best friend Brie, the easily offended Misty, Spalding, a boy who has a huge crush on Moody but is criticized by her in a ridiculous way and constantly has objects flung at him from beyond the screen; and Sternum (played by Matthew Botuchis), a brooding "bad boy" who responds to every question by asking the opposite question. Each episode had its own plot, and ends with a cliffhanger. An episode ends with Moody finding out that her real parents are circus trapeze artists named "The Flying Worthsbergs". The episode was left on a cliffhanger, but the show was canceled shortly thereafter. Schneider had pitched an full-fledged series based on the skit to Nickelodeon, but the show was never green-lit.


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  • Amanda Bynes was the only credited castmember of The Amanda Show to appear in the sketch.
  • Misty's first catchphrase "What's that supposed to mean?" was transferred to Cat Valetine, a character performed by Ariana Grande on Victorious, one of Schneider's later shows.
  • One episode of the skit had guest appearances from Curtis Armstrong and Beverley Mitchell, playing video store employee and customer.
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