Moose A. Moose was a fictional animated moose, voiced by New Yorker, Paul Christie, who did serve as the mascot for the cable television channel Nick Jr., and its predecessor Noggin. from April 6, 2003 To March 1, 2012 Moose and his silent sidekick, Zee D. Bird, serve as coordinating hosts for all of Nick Jr.'s programming. Moose and Zee were conceived as part of a rebranding effort at Noggin. From February 2, 1999 until March 31, 2002, Noggin was targeted at preteens, and its programming consisted mainly of Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, and other CTW Productions. Starting on April 1, 2002, the format was changed due to low ratings. The format was then mostly aimed for a younger audience. The new concept underlying all Noggin programming was "connected learning," in which all programs were to connect in an effort to reinforce the educational quality of the programs; in other words, connected learning "aims to cram every second of air time with learning experiences. Moose And Zee were retired from Nick Jr. on March 1, 2012 following a remaining on the Nick Jr. Channel. They returned when Noggin was brought back as a mobile streaming app on March 5, 2015.

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