Mr. Lancer is the vice-principal and English, Math, Science and Social Studies teacher of Casper High on Danny Phantom, voiced by Ron Perlman). Known for his habit of using book titles as exclamations, he is a strict teacher who seems to prefer the popular kids over Danny Fenton and his friends, due to Danny's average grades and his lackluster interest in his job. Despite this, Lancer means well and tries to make sure all his students do their best.


He is an overweight, bald, middle-aged man with green eyes and a goatee and most often seen wearing a light blue short-sleeved dress shirt with a black tie, gray slacks, and black shoes.


Mr. Lancer is first portrayed as a disciplinary enforcer within Casper High, but shows favoritism torwards the athletes and Jazz while liberally doling out detentions to Danny and his friends. Later on, he is depicted as a devoted educator who takes his job seriously and cares for his students. ("Mystery Meat," "Fright Night"). However, he eventually becomes more fair and forgiving ("The Ultimate Enemy"). Although he is described as an English teacher, Mr. Lancer has appeared teaching a variety of subjects, including astronomy ("Memory Blank"), and the blackboard behind him is often covered in various math equations. He is portrayed as a bit of a wimp, although he occasionally has moments of bravery.

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