Mr. Wizard's World is a science show hosted by Don Herbert, airing 3 times a week from October 3, 1983 To 1990, producing 78 episodes and continued to run thereafter as reruns on Nick at Nite until 1995 and often in early morning time slots right after Nick at Nite finished, through at least March 2000. It's a faster-paced version of Watch Mr. Wizard being sponsored by the National Science Foundation, produced in Canada (this time in Calgary). It produced and continued to run thereafter as reruns. It was Nickelodeon's #3 rated show in 1983 (behind Livewire and You Can't Do That On Television). And also famous for its Ask Mr. Wizard segment where Mr. Wizard answered questions sent in by viewers of all ages. It then reran The Science Channel from 2005 to 2006 and still frequently airing on it. Herbert once said: "My time on this Earth is getting shorter and shorter each day, but no matter how old I get, and even when I am dead, Mr. Wizard's World will never die". In 1994, Herbert developed another new series of 15-minute spots called Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard. They highlighted individual elementary science teachers and their projects. The show then went on DVD from Mr. Wizard Studios Inc. in 10-Single Volumes featuring 4-Episodes on each disk, Gift Box-Sets is also available. Five seasons of the show, 75 episodes, of the 78 total were released on Amazon instant streaming.

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