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Mrs. Puff's Boating School is the drivers' education school in Bikini Bottom run by Mrs. Puff in SpongeBob SquarePants.


There are two exams that must be completed correctly, and with an excellent grade in order to graduate and obtain a license.

The first test, the Oral Exam, consists of ten questions, many of them simple, such as asking the name of the front of the boat. In the 1999 episode "Boating School," Mrs. Puff starts her exam with an "oral test." She is only able to ask three questions; SpongeBob has the rest of the test memorized.

  • Question 1: What is the front of the boat? The bow.
  • Question 2: What is the back of the boat? The stern.
  • Question 3: "Right" is? Starboard...
    (From this point, SpongeBob gives the answers without Mrs. Puff's questions; the questions listed are only speculation as to what she might've asked.)
  • Answer: port; question 4: "Left" is?
  • Answer: Skipper; question 5: Who is the person in command of a boat?
  • Answer: deck; question 6: What is the floor level of a ship?
  • Answer: cabin; question 7: What is an enclosed room of a ship?
  • Answer: galley; question 8: What is the kitchen of a boat called?
  • Answer: keel; question 9: What is the name of what the hull of a ship is built around?
  • Answer: 1924; question 10: What year did the British submarine L-34 sink in the English Channel?

The driving exam is the part that SpongeBob always has trouble with. The steps to the exam are listed below.

  1. Start the Boat.
  2. Put it in drive.
  3. Floor it. (big toe)
  4. Turn.
  5. Stop at Stop Sign.
  6. Continue driving.
  7. Turn around flagpole.
  8. Drive vertically up road.
  9. Drive vertically down road.
  10. Jump over anchor.
  11. Fly through a ring of fire.
  12. Watch out for man. (SpongeBob actually helped him cross.)
  13. Drive to the Finish Line. 600 points passes.