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The following is a list of episodes in the first season of My Life as a Teenage Robot.

# Image Title Original air date (United States)
1 Title-ItCameFromNextDoor "It Came From Next Door" August 1, 2003
Jenny meets Brad and Tuck for the first time, but while Brad immediately accepts Jenny as a new friend, Tuck doesn't quite see her as anything other than a "crazy killer robot".
Pest Control TitleCard "Pest Control" August 1, 2003
Having vowed revenge on her for all the injustices placed upon them, Dr. Wakeman's lab rats, led by Vladimir (a.k.a. Mr. Scruffles), have swore to destroy their "oppressor", and plan to turn Jenny into their vehicle of revenge... literally.
2 Title-RaggedyAndroid "Raggedy Android" August 8, 2003
Jenny wants to go to the town fair, but Dr. Wakeman fears that Jenny will spook the townspeople with her presence. When Jenny gets a hold of a prototype "exo-skin" for her to wear, she sees her chance to mingle with the fairgoers. However, she should have waited until the exo-skin was finished, for it's making Jenny look even freakier.
Title-ClassAction "Class Action" August 8, 2003
Jenny is preparing for the greatest challenge she's ever faced... high school. She's looking to make some new friends, and she's found some in Brit and Tiff Crust. Unfortunately, the Crusts don't quite share the same feelings. Jenny's going to learn the hard way that not all people can be trusted.
3 Title-AttackOfTheGeek "Attack of the 5½ Ft. Geek" August 15, 2003
When Jenny saves local school geek Sheldon from a gang of bullies, he quickly becomes her new best friend. The only problem? Sheldon is positively smitten with Jenny, and just won't leave her alone.
Title-DoomWithAView "Doom With a View" August 15, 2003
A simple snowball battle between Jenny, Brad, and Tuck gets interrupted by a strange robot, who wants to invite Jenny into the all-robot "Cluster" as a new member. However, when Jenny shows no interest in joining a race of robots that plan to enslave humans for manual labor, the cold war commences.
4 Ear No Evil Title Card "Ear No Evil" August 22, 2003
Jenny wants to get her ears pierced, and it would really help if she had ears at all. Sheldon offers to build her some ears, but someone should have told him that "size does matter". Now, as a result, Jenny's got a pair of ears that could put Dumbo to shame.
Unlicensed Flying Object Titlecard "Unlicensed Flying Object" August 22, 2003
Brad really wants to get a driver's license, but he needs to learn that joyriding in abandoned UFOs doesn't exactly score points in that regard.
5 2131231375 1790f09267 "Party Machine" September 5, 2003
Jenny and Brad's secret party is a hit, but between keeping the party-goers under control, keeping the house in one piece, and keeping a group of tiny multiplying aliens from invading Earth, Jenny has her hands full.
Speak No Evil Titlecard "Speak No Evil" September 5, 2003
While on an away mission in Japan, Jenny winds up losing one of her language system discs for English speech. Now, Jenny can't switch off from speaking in full Japanese, which is a problem when she can't tell everyone what is happening.
6 Title-SeeNoEvil "See No Evil" September 12, 2003
Dr. Wakeman is proud of her newest enhancement for Jenny: multi-functional eyes that can see anything in any view. However, they're too awkward (for lack of a better term) for Jenny to wear, so she winds up ditching them. But now she's got no eyes at all.
Title-TheGreatUnwashed "The Great Unwashed" September 12, 2003
Jenny has an invitation to Don Prima's latest party, and she's gotten a tune-up and a new paint job just for the occasion. However, Brit and Tiff are ready to do anything to sabotage Jenny's chances to impress at the party.
7 Title-ReturnOfRaggedyAndroid "The Return of Raggedy Android" September 19, 2003
Mezmer's is a popular hangout spot for teens all over town, but the owner has a strict "No robots" policy. Desperate to get in, Jenny dons the new and improved exo-skin to pass off as a "perfectly normal human girl". But what happens when the exo-skin refuses to let Jenny take it off will result in big trouble.
Title-BoyWhoCriedRobot "The Boy Who Cried Robot" September 19, 2003
Tuck can't help but call Jenny for every little thing that happens. But when a big problem arises, Tuck's call for help winds up going ignored.
8 Title-SiblingTsunami "Sibling Tsunami" October 3, 2003
When Jenny finds and reactivates her sisters, she is beyond happy. But each sister has her own personality, and not all of them have the same level of friendliness that Jenny has. Still, sisters can be counted on, right?
I Was a Preschool Dropout Title "I Was a Preschool Dropout" October 3, 2003
Having been found to have only been activated for five years, the school system declares that Jenny has to be moved into a grade level that matches her "age". Now Jenny finds herself in a new situation... kindergarten.
9 Title-HostileMakeover "Hostile Makeover" October 24, 2003
When Jenny starts to develop zits, odor, and body hair, Brad chalks it up to puberty. However, it soon becomes apparent that this puberty isn't exactly normal. Queen Vexus of the Cluster infected her with a virus to warp Jenny into a loyal Cluster-controlled monster.
Title-GridIronGlory "Grid Iron Glory" October 24, 2003
Jenny becomes the star football player of the high school football team by somehow replacing the original QB. Can she lead Tremorton to glory, or will she wind up reduced to scrap?
10 Dressed to Kill Title "Dressed To Kill" November 7, 2003
Thanks to a screw-up from one of his Cluster troops, Commander Smytus loses a cache of super-powered Pip Crystals to the Crust Cousins. Now, the cousins are flaunting both their style and their newfound powers in front of Jenny. Can Jenny's keen fashion sense save her in time?
Shell Game Title "Shell Game" November 7, 2003
Looking to prove to Jenny that boy robots are jerks compared to him, Sheldon creates a mechanical suit and dubs himself "The Silver Shell". But the plan backfires when Jenny starts falling for Silver Shell.
11 Title-DaydreamBeliever "Daydream Believer" November 21, 2003
Jenny wants to experience what it's like to dream. When Dr. Wakeman installs a dream chip, Jenny's joy causes her to abuse its function. Now, she's stuck in dream mode and is sleepwalking, causing mayhem in the process. This episode is a tribute to Dr. Seuss.
Title-ThisTimeWithFeeling "This Time With Feeling" November 21, 2003
Jenny's desire to know what it's like to actually feel physical contact leads her to steal a set of artificial nerves from Dr. Wakeman. The nerves, however, have only two settings: tickle and pain.
12 No Image "Saved by the Shell" January 23, 2004
Sheldon sets Jenny up for a date with Silver Shell, in hopes that he can reveal himself to her. However, she's already got a date with Don Prima, much to Sheldon's chagrin.
Title-TradeshowShowdown "Tradeshow Showdown" January 23, 2004
Jenny is stuck going to a robot convention with Dr. Wakeman. Snubbed by all the other robots and insulted by Dr. Wakeman rival, Dr. Mogg, Jenny finds herself going to a robot called "Vee" for comfort. Of course, "Vee" is actually Vexus in disguise, and she's looking to add a few new robots to the Cluster.
13 Title-WonderfulWorldOfWizzly "The Wonderful World of Wizzly" February 27, 2004
Jenny gets a chance to visit Wizzly World with Brad and Tuck, and she can't help but think that the robots in the park feel miserable. When Jenny breaks them out of the park, however, chaos ensues.
Title-CallHating "Call Hating" February 27, 2004
When Jenny hangs up on Dr. Wakeman one too many times, the doctor is forced to take drastic measures. Now, Dr. Wakeman is on the communicator constantly... and Jenny can't turn it off.
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