My Life as a Teenage Robot
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The following is a list of episodes in the second season of My Life as a Teenage Robot.

# Title card Title Original airdate
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"Victim of Fashion" September 6, 2005
Not to be outdone by each other, a fashion war erupts between Jenny and the Crust cousins. Jenny had better be careful, though, for fashion can be quite costly in the end.
15 Title-LastActionZero "Last Action Zero" January 25, 2005
Brad gets a chance to join the Skyway Patrol in hopes that he can help Jenny in her duties. Skyway, however, is mostly nothing but paperwork and paper cuts. How's Brad going to get a chance to help Jenny when he has to fill a whole stack of forms in triplicate just to get permission to request the order to do so?
Title-MindOverMatter "Mind Over Matter" January 25, 2005
Jenny's newest villain, the energy vampire Gigawatt, is practically unstoppable, and Jenny's convinced that she needs more powerful forms to beat this creep.
16 Title-FutureShock "Future Shock" January 24, 2005
When Tuck takes a look into Dr. Wakeman's "Future Scope" he sees a vision in which he thinks that Jenny is going to murder Brad.
Title-Humiliation101 "Humiliation 101" January 24, 2005
Dr. Wakeman is coming to Tremorton High to speak at an assembly. The main topic: Jenny. Now Jenny is desperate to get away before the assembly starts, and is even going so far as to ask Vexus to start a fight with her.
17 Title-LoveEmOrLeashEm "Love 'Em or Leash 'Em" January 26, 2005
Jenny's got a new boyfriend, a rather cute boy robot named Kenny. Despite having been made by Dr. Wakeman's rival, Dr. Mogg, Kenny seems to be the perfect match for the young teenage robot. So why is he scratching himself with his legs and barking at the moon? And what happens when Sheldon gets jealous?
No Image "Teen Team Time" January 26, 2005
The Teen Team has come to Earth, and they are quite impressed with Jenny's abilities. Jenny seems more than excited to join, but is she willing to ignore her other friends in favor of a group of heroes that are mostly prejudiced against "normal people"?
"A Robot for All Seasons" December 8, 2004
Jenny meets a kid named Todd Sweeney. He's a spoiled brat but acts like a poor do-gooder. He programs Jenny to do a whole year of evil... up until his plan to eliminate Christmas. If Jenny can't find a way to stop this pint-size grinch, it's not going to be a merry Christmas for anyone.
19 Pajama Party Prankapalooza "Pajama Party Prankapalooza" January 27, 2005
Jenny has managed to get herself invited to Brit and Tiff's slumber party, and, as usual, Jenny's naivety leads her to cause mischief all over town to impress the Krusts. Now, Dr. Wakeman needs to stop Jenny before Skyway Patrol can catch up to her daughter.
Title-SisterSledgehammer "Sister Sledgehammer" January 27, 2005
Commander Smytus has actually succeeded in assimilating Jenny into the Cluster, and has turned her into a massive metal monster. Having been awakened due to Jenny being in crisis, the rest of the XJ line have come to save their captive sister.
20 No Image "Dancing With My Shell" January 28, 2005
Jenny takes the Silver Shell to the Sadie Hawkins school dance, and Sheldon hopes that he can impress Jenny enough to reveal his identity to her. Everything starts going wrong, however, when Letta and the Space Bikers crash the dance.
Title-AroundTheWorldIn80Pieces "Around the World in Eighty Pieces" January 28, 2005
Crackerjack Cluster inventor Krackus has managed to scatter Jenny's parts all over the world. Can Brad, Tuck, and Sheldon piece their friend back together before Krackus can call Vexus on his success?
21 Title-Armagedroid "Armagedroid" March 25, 2005
Armagedroid, once a powerful global protector before he went rogue, has returned. Armagedroid was programmed to disarm and destroy all weapons, and part of the problem is that it can't discern between friend and foe. How can Jenny stop a robot built so huge, and what does Dr. Wakeman have to do with this metallic titan?
Title-Killgore "Killgore" March 25, 2005
Cute little Killgore (whose real name is Kilroy) has big dreams for such a small wind-up robot. In hopes of impressing the Cluster, Killgore has plans to capture Jenny.
22 A Pain in my Sidekick TC "A Pain In My Sidekick" June 23, 2005
Tuck admires the Silver Shell, so he manages to "convince" Sheldon into making him Silver Shell's faithful sidekick, the Tin Can. Being a sidekick isn't quite what he expects, though.
Title-CrashPadCrash "Crash Pad Crash" June 23, 2005
Jenny's new "bachelor pad" is the new hot spot in town, but she's throwing so many parties that she's slacking off on her duties.
23 Designing Woman Title "Designing Women" September 7, 2005
Looking to find a way into Jenny's heart, Sheldon steals a set of XJ-9 schematics from Dr. Wakeman. But Vexus also has eyes for those schematics, and is willing to disguise herself as "QT2" to trick Sheldon into giving them to her.
Robot Riot Title "Robot Riot" September 7, 2005
Jenny is stuck serving as Tuck's entry for the hit robot combat competition "Robot Wars". It may be barbaric to her, but how can she say no to such a cute face like Tuck's?
24 Title-Bradventure "Bradventure" September 8, 2005
Tired of being stuck under Jenny's shadow, Brad sets out to be his own hero. However, he finds himself in hot water when he runs afoul of the not-evil scientist Dr. Locus and his daughter Melody (who's way more that she appears). Dr. Locus wants the XJ-9 schematics for reasons yet unknown and, when Jenny gets knocked out in battle, Brad's going to have to prove himself.
No Image "Mama Drama" September 8, 2005
Dr. Wakeman's got a new boyfriend, and Jenny is convinced that he's a psycho lunatic. Is he really as bad as he appears?
25 No Image "Toying With Jenny" September 9, 2005
The brand-new "Action Jenny" toys are selling like hotcakes, and Jenny can't help but be taken in by the fame. But those "innocent toys" are actually Vexus' and Krackus' newest plan to conquer the world.
No Image "Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles" September 9, 2005
Due to internal disputes, the Teen Team has broken up. With no place left to go, Misty heads back to Earth to be with Jenny. Misty's appearance in school, however, earns her teasing from Brit and Tiff. Scorned, Misty convinces Jenny to get back at the Krusts via a prank war. The only problem, however, is that once Misty gets started on something, she doesn't know when to stop. Jenny's going to have to convince her pal that enough is enough before things get too serious.
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