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The following is a list of episodes in the third season of My Life as a Teenage Robot.

The third season (with the exception of the hour-length special "Escape from Cluster Prime") first aired in Asia, and eventually began airing as "lost episodes" on the Nicktoons Network on October 4, 2008. All episodes (except for the final one) were rerun as an encore on the main Nickelodeon channel at 6/5c on Saturdays and Sundays. The series began resuming new episodes on February 21, 2009.

# Image Title Original air date
26 No Image "Teen Idol" January 13, 2006 (Asia)
November 1, 2008 (US)
A group of aliens worship Jenny after she is mistaken for a "comet goddess". It's fun at first but they soon drive Jenny crazy. However, when the aliens demand that Jenny summon the sun to turn her Earth into a comet, she retaliates by putting their spaceship in orbit around the sun. The Earth is saved, but someone's missing...
No Image "Good Old Sheldon" January 13, 2006 (Asia)
November 1, 2008 (US)
Turns out, poor Sheldon was stuck on the aliens' ship when Jenny got rid of it, and he's been spending decades trying to get back to Earth (even though it's only been a short time on Earth since he left). Hopefully, Jenny can get him back to his proper age.
"Escape from Cluster Prime" August 12, 2005
When Jenny finds herself on Cluster Prime, the capital of Vexus' empire, she finally gets a chance to live with other robots like her. But there's more to Cluster Prime than meets the eye...
29 No Image "Weapons of Mass Distraction" January 16, 2007 (Asia)
October 4, 2008 (US)
Jenny has a crush on a new kid named Travis, but there's only one problem: Travis is afraid of anything mechanical.
No Image "There's No Place Like Home School" January 16, 2007 (Asia)
October 4, 2008 (US)
Jenny winds up getting homeschooled by Dr. Wakeman due to her bad behavior at school. Jenny may not like it, but her mother enjoys the chance to teach her daughter... perhaps too much.
30 No Image "No Harmony with Melody" October 6, 2006 (Asia)
October 12, 2008 (US)
Melody returns to Tremorton, and Brad begins spending more time with her. Is Jenny merely getting jealous, or is Melody more of a dischord than she seems?
No Image "Tuckered Out" October 6, 2006 (Asia)
October 12, 2008 (US)
If Tuck doesn't pass his next assignment, he's going to wind up repeating the second grade. His assignment: a project on his personal hero. His subject: Jenny. His project: create a movie centering around Jenny's life. His personality: too enthusiastic for anyone to stand.
31 No Image "A Spoonful of Mayhem" November 10, 2006 (Asia)
October 11, 2008 (US)
After a group of runaway living fruits and vegetables is stopped by Jenny, a jealous Skyway Patrol lieutenant seeks to permanently shut her down.
No Image "Enclosure of Doom" December 5, 2006 (Asia)
October 11, 2008 (US)
Jenny wakes to find herself trapped in a mysterious place, where laser guns and other mechanisms meet her every move and the only company she has is...Killgore?
32 No Image "Girl of Steal" August 11, 2006 (Asia)
October 18, 2008 (US)
Jenny really wants a popular music player called the "Musique," but it's very expensive. So Jenny tries another method: steal it!
No Image "Mist Opportunities" August 11, 2006 (Asia)
October 18, 2008 (US)
With Misty hanging in Tremorton and doing her part in keeping the town safe (though not for free), Jenny decides to leave the superheroics to her and starts to slack off. But when Misty's mercenary habits clash with Jenny's views on protecting the innocent, fisticuffs break out between the two. What's going to become of their friendship?
33 Title-LegionOfEvil "The Legion of Evil" February 7, 2007 (Asia)
October 25, 2008 (US)
Vladimir, Lancer, Mudslinger and the Mad Hammer Bros. form the 'Legion of Evil' to seek their shared vengeance on Jenny.
Title-PriceOfLove "The Price of Love" February 7, 2007 (Asia)
October 25, 2008 (US)
Sheldon tries to make Jenny jealous by paying Pteresa to be his girlfriend.
34 Title-MLAATRStageFright "Stage Fright" October 20, 2006 (Asia)
November 1, 2008 (US)
Jenny fails an audition for the school play of Romeo and Juliet, due to her being a robot. However, her views are questioned when two different races of aliens land for a surprise visit.
No Image "Never Say Uncle" October 20, 2006 (Asia)
November 1, 2008 (US)
Jenny invites her distant aunt over to visit, but quickly learns that she and her sister Nora Wakeman don't quite see eye to eye.
35 Title-InfectiousPersonality "Infectious Personality" December 5, 2006 (Asia)
February 21, 2009 (US)
After destroying a series of asteroids that threaten to destroy the Earth, Jenny returns to earth, bringing with her a dust that severely alters the characteristics of her close friends.
Trash Talk Title Card "Trash Talk" February 16, 2007 (Asia)
February 21, 2009 (US)
Jenny, Brad, and Tuck can't seem to agree over the rules of a board game. But when the boys tag along on a mission to a garbage dump asteroid, they run into Vexus, Smytus, and Krackus who are stuck in the asteroid. The ex-Cluster Queen is looking to drain Jenny of her energy, but she and her henchbots can't agree on how to use it.
36 No Image "Agent 00-Sheldon" November 10, 2006 (Asia)
February 28, 2009 (US)
Sheldon is recruited to become a sort of secret agent, and stumbles onto a supposed plot to destroy every last robot in Tremorton.
Title-Indes-Tuck-tible "Indes-Tuck-tible" February 16, 2007 (Asia)
February 28, 2009 (US)
Tuck, convinced that he's invincible, decides to become a daredevil, much to Jenny's chagrin.
37 Title-PuppetBride "Puppet Bride" September 29, 2006 (Asia)
February 28, 2009 (US)
One of Mrs. Wakeman's old creations, a robot puppet named "Li'l Acorn", tries to make Jenny his bride.
Title-Historionics "Historionics" September 29, 2006 (Asia)
February 28, 2009 (US)
Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon end up stranded on a deserted island inhabited by hostile robotic clones of historical figures. To make matters worse, Jenny's battery is about to run out!
38 Title-BallAndChain "Ball and Chain" January 18, 2007 (Asia)
April 18, 2009 (US)
Brad is getting married, but not by choice. The Space Bikers want poor Brad to get hitched to Tammy. But does Brad really want to be rescued?
Title-LaborDay "Labor Day" January 18, 2007 (Asia)
April 18, 2009 (US)
Skyway Patrol wants Jenny to pay for repairs to the city due to her fights, and now Jenny is on a desperate job hunt.
39 Title-VoyageToPlanetOfBikers "Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers" January 18, 2007 (Asia)
April 25, 2009 (US)
The Space Bikers have managed to slag Jenny into their new motorcycle, and now she and Tuck are en route to their hideout.
Title-QueenBee "Queen Bee" January 18, 2007 (Asia)
April 25, 2009 (US)
Vexus is back, and with a new look. Having paired up with Brit and Tiff, the ex-Cluster Queen is becoming quite popular in school, to the point where even the Crust Cousins can't compete.
40 No Image "Samurai Vac" March 30, 2007 (Asia)
May 2, 2009 (US)
Jenny dishonors a Japanese vacuum robot while on a mission to Tokyo, and she must restore the robot's honor.
Title-Turncoats "Turncoats" March 30, 2007 (Asia)
May 2, 2009 (US)
After an experiment goes bad in a science fair, all of Dr. Wakeman's XJ robots and other inventions mysteriously begin to run amok, and even Jenny herself became affected. Who is responsible for this heinous crime?
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