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Mysticons is an American-Canadian animated action television series that aired on Nickelodeon and YTV. The series is created by Sean Jara, and produced by Sean Jara and Susie Gallo.


Four girls are summoned to become the legendary heroes known as the Mysticons. They will undertake a quest to find the Codex and save the realm Gemina from an ancient evil, just as the original Mysticons had a thousand years ago.


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Empowered by the Dragon Disk (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – An ancient and all-powerful golden disk of immeasurable mystical power that assigns future generations of four new Mysticons when the time comes:

  • Princess Arkayna Goodfey- The eldest Crown Princess Twin, and Mysticon Dragon Mage, who is the fearlessly brave leader. Her signature color is dark green. She wields a dark green-colored, mystical staff as her Mysticon weapon. Her griffin companion is named Izzie. Initially, she disliked learning more of the first four Mysticons from her mother until she was chosen the be leader of the second generation of Mysticons later on.
  • Emerald Goldenbraid- A dwarf nicknamed Em who works as the royal family's griffin wrangler and Mysticon Knight. Ironically, her signature color is not emerald green but purple. She can erect a purple orbicular shield around her and her fellow Mysticons. She is known to be "the heart" of the team.
  • Zarya Moonwolf- An orphan who does her best to help other poor kids on the street and Mysticon Ranger. Her signature color is dark blue. Her weapon is a shortbow and a numerous array of mystical arrows. She is known as "the muscle" of the group. She is revealed to be the youngest long-lost Princess Twin of Gemina.
  • Piper Willowbrook- An elf orphan who follows along Zarya to help poor people and Mysticon Striker. Her signature color is yellow. Her weapons are three, orange mystical hoops that act as boomerangs and can render enemies unconscious. She is known as "the party bringer" of the team.

Princess Arkayna and Zarya's Birth Family

  • Gawayne The Great - Arkayna's step-brother and the source of her frustrations and self-doubt.
  • King Darius - Gawayne's father and Arkayna's step-father.
  • Queen Goodfey - Princess Arkayna's mother and queen of the magical world of the mighty Mysticons. she presents them with their own griffin companion during their flight training. She is revealed to be Zarya Moonwolf's biological mother.

Zarya's wards

  • Neeko - A homeless orphan.


  • Nova Terron- The stern bearded leader with a squeaky voice.
  • Gandobi
  • Quasarla
  • Malvaron Grimm- A young astronomancer who will magically train the Mysticons.
  • Tazma Grimm - Malvaron's ambitious and cunning older sister who relies on training instead of talent. She is chosen to train the Mysticons first. She later betrays the Mysticons and the Astromancers to obtain power for herself. She calls herself "Mistress of Shadows."
  • Douglarius "Doug" Hadderstorm- A large cyclops astromancer Malvaron is friends with. Even though he was admitted into the Order of the Astromancers and wore a designer robe at one point, he lacks any "flashy powers" of any type of star magic.
  • Proxima Starfall- A short fifteen-year-old topmost astromancer with light green eyes, red spectacles and a short black bob-cut. She is the youngest in the Order of the Astromancers. Orphaned since infancy, she was left in an orphanage for infant pixies and "special children" where she had played with a diary she had as a toddler. Her birth gem had been deliberately switched with the toddler Zarya, by Hortensia Q. Sparklebottom, to prevent a prophecy concerning the Princess Twins of Gemina, making her a scapegoat.

Spectral Hand

  • Queen Necrafa - Deceased leader of the skeleton army.
  • Baron Dreadbane - Undead leader of the skeleton army that wants to steal the ancient and all-powerful Dragon Disk from the Mysticons and harness its mighty mystical powers for himself.
  • Shadow Mages - Assassins sent to stop the Mysticons and their allies.
  • Specters- The mutated forms of the skeletons that Queen Necrafa had level up by giving them a "makeover" after her release.

Additional Villains

  • Kymraw- A biker troll who commands a horde of orcs outside Drake City, the main metropolis of Planet Gemina. She likes stealing and causing pandemonium across the realm on her bike. She likes the toy Twinkly Mare.
  • Vexicons- Four dark female warriors of greater evil power who were created from the Dark Codex that the newly vengeful and heartbroken Proxima had her spectromancers scribe. They are the sinister equivalents of the Mysticons- Mallory, Kasha, Willa and Eartha- who have an animal bracer of their own to counter the bracers wielded by the Mysticons; a blue snake, orange panther, purple bat, and pink basilisk. Their weaponry and abilities are a whole lot stronger and more effective since the source of all of the strength is full of magic; whereas the Codex belonging to the Mysticons has been drained dry.