Nathan Karl Kress (born November 18, 1992) is an American film and television actor. A professional child model and actor since the age of three, he is best known for his role as Freddie Benson on the Nickelodeon television series iCarly.

He also voiced Eizan Kaburagi on Shuriken School.

He was also set to appear as Toplin in the Drake and Josh episode "Battle of Panthatar". Toplin was a nerdy character with a crush on Megan Parker played by Miranda Cosgrove. At the time, the unnamed iCarly was still in development. Schneider was so impressed with Kress's performance that he was first talking with Schneider about it while filming his scenes, and then auditioned for the role as Freddie six months later. After landing the role, Schneider decided to cut his Drake & Josh scenes from the episode, citing similarities between the characters.

In 2008, he starred with Christopher Meloni in the network's original television movie Gym Teacher: The Movie as Roland Waffle. He later guest starred as Prince Gabriel in the True Jackson, VP episode "True Royal", and as Ronald in an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar.

He made a cameo as an audience member in the Victorious episode "Who Did It to Trina?"

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