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Nella the Princess Knight is an American-British animated series created by Christine Ricci, and is co-produced by Brown Bag Films. First premiered on February 6, 2017, the show aired on Nickelodeon, the Nick Jr. Channel, and Paramount+.


Nella the Princess Knight is about a young princess, named Nella, who protects the citizens of her parents' kingdom by transforming into a "princess knight". With the help of her friends, Trinket, Sir Garrett, and Clod, they go on quests to solve mysteries and learn valuable lessons.

Voice cast and characters

  • Princess Nella (voiced by Akira Golz) is an eight-year-old princess who is fearless, confident, sweet, helpful, easy-going, and very friendly. She protects her kingdom by turning into a knight. When something catastrophic or perilous occurs in a scene, Nella would face the screen and say "When my heart turns bright, it's time to turn into a princess knight!" She would then be shown transforming from her princess self into her knight form.
  • Trinket (voiced by Samantha Hahn) is Nella's talking unicorn and best friend who is very encouraging and supports Nella in her adventures and problem-solving. She has a big interest in fashion.
  • Sir Garrett (voiced by Micah Gursoy) is a knight who has an impressive knowledge and brings his intelligence to aide Nella during her quests to help to the kingdom. In addition, he is a collector of trading cards identifying the different species of magical creatures.
  • Clod (voiced by Matthew Gumley) is Garrett's best friend who is a silly talking steed with two horns on his head. While being a comic relief to the gang, Clod is also supportive to Nella and Trinket.
  • Sir Blaine (voiced by Evan Christy) is a mean and bossy nine year-old knight who thinks that he is the best at everything he does. Quite often, his ego causes trouble for himself, and he must ask for help.

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