Rugrats - New Kid in Town

"New Kid In Town" is the first segment of the 61st episode of Rugrats.


Tired of Angelica being bad to them all the time, the Rugrats find Josh, a new friend to play with. Angelica threaten to put sands on their head but Tommy said they are tired of her bossing them around and they go to Josh. It started out okay, but it turns out, however, that he is more meaner than Angelica because he forces them to push him on the swing, takes their cookies, lollipop shares with 4 player lollipop to lick, and threatens to hit them.

Soon the babies are forced to build a moat for Josh. Tired of this, Tommy decides to go to Angelica but Chuckie warns him about Josh, but Tommy doesn't care cause if they don't do something now, they will be stuck with Josh forever. He secretly goes to Angelica and tells her that Josh is worse than her and how he treats them. Angelica is shocked by this, but refuse to help them because they didn't listen to her. Tommy sadly went back to the other playground and Josh finds out what Tommy did.

Soon he decides to play a game called "Pillow" where he pushes them down on the sand, and goes to the swing. Tommy ask if Josh is gonna jump over them, but Josh said he's not but he's gonna jump on them. Before he can do that, Angelica eventually steps in and throws a water balloon at Josh and the babies are happy that she's back and told them to get up, but Josh order them back down saying the babies are now his but Angelica said they are not and throws another water balloon at him. Soon Josh tried to convince her that the babies are just dumb, but Angelica said that may be true, but they are her babies and Josh said he's not afraid of her, but Angelica throws another water balloon at him. Josh said that he would split the babies 50-50 like Angelica would get Chuckie and Tommy, and Josh would take Phil and Lil, but Angelica refuses saying she won't leave until she get all the babies and then she pushes Josh causing him to scrape his arm. Josh runs away crying and everything is back to normal.

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