The following is a list of episodes of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

Series overview

Season Episodes First episode Last episode
Season 1 18 February 7, 2008 October 28, 2008
Season 2 20 February 2, 2009 October 8, 2010
Season 3 1 August 21, 2011


Season 1 (2008)

# Title Card Title Original air date
(United States)
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"Dragonboat Festival" February 7, 2008
After losing the first race at the dragonboat festival, Rintoo gets mad. Will you help Kai-Lan figure out how to calm him down?
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"Everybody's Hat Parade" March 24, 2008
Rintoo makes a very special hat for the hat parade, but when Hoho copies his idea, Rintoo doesn't like it!, So it's up to Kai-Lan and her animal friends.
Hoho's Big Flight-Title Card.jpg
"Hoho's Big Flight" October 9, 2008
It's the lantern festival, but Hoho isn't listening to Ye-Ye's instructions and instead chases leaves, sniffs apples, and sways lanterns, so he eventually loses his lantern. And what's worse Hoho doesn't know how to listen, so Kai-Lan and her animal friends help him.
Safari Pals-Title Card.jpg
"Safari Pals" March 26, 2008
Rintoo is jealous of Stompy the elephant because he's so big. It's up to Kai-Lan and her animal friends to show him that there's something special about everyone!
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"Twirly Whirly Flyers" February 8, 2008
Uh oh! While playing a game of Twirly Whirly Flyers, Tolee loses his balance and breaks a bridge in Ant City!
Snowiest Ride-Title Card.jpg
"The Snowiest Ride" March 25, 2008
The gang decides that they want to go sledding, but plans change when Tolee says that he's scared of the high hills. Everyone has to show him that you can start on a little hill, and work your way up until you're ready.
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"Tolee's Rhyme Time" February 11, 2008
Kai-Lan is starting a music show with all of her friends. Rintoo plays his xylophone, Hoho scratches his turntables, Kai-Lan shakes her tambourine, Mr. Sun plays the trumpet, and Lulu watches the show. Tolee decides that he wants to be a singer in the music group, but however, he is having a lot of trouble rhyming as he gets frustrated and quits the show. It's up to Kai-Lan to help Tolee learn that if he practices, he will get better at rhyming and soon he gets to be in the show too.
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"Kai-Lan's Campout" February 14, 2008
Kai-Lan and her friends are having a campout and have planned lots of fun for the night, but Tolee refuses to share his stuffed panda with everyone. Kai-Lan has to teach him that everyone gets a chance to play with their stuff.
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"Wait, Hoho, Wait!" February 13, 2008
Ant Playground-Title Card.jpg
"The Ant Playground" February 12, 2008
Kai-lan and her friends help build a new swing for the ants' playground. But it's way too big for them!
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"Happy Chinese New Year!" February 15, 2008
This Chinese New Year, Kai-Lan and her animal friends are old enough to carry the huge dragon costume! Together, they form the Dragon Team and learn that every job on a team is super, super important!
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"Ni Hao, Halloween" October 28, 2008
In this episode, Kai-Lan and her animal friends are going trick-or-treating. But the plans are ruined when Rintoo trips on a rock and sprains his ankle. Rintoo then cries. His friends have to help him so that everyone can go trick-or-treating.
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"Beach Day" July 11, 2008
Kai-lan and her animal friends are having a super beach day, but the ocean waves keep knocking down Tolee's sand tower!
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"Roller Rintoo" October 7, 2008
Rintoo wants to be good at roller-skating, but at first it's more difficult than he expected, until he learns to take it slow by going on two hands, then one hand, then all by yourself.
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"Rain or Shine" March 27, 2008
The gang has planned to play outside. But just as they start their activities, rain begins pouring down, and Rintoo, Tolee and Hoho are very sad that they can't play with their things. Kai-Lan shows them how much fun you can have in the rain, even if they like playing on sunny days, just by enjoying nature.
Kai-Lan's Carnival-Title Card.jpg
"Kai-Lan's Carnival" October 6, 2008
There's a carnival happening today and Kai-Lan and her friends are excited. But things twist around when Rintoo and Hoho accidentally break Stompy's rocket ride. Kai-Lan has to get both of them to help their elephant friend fix the ride.
Lulu Day-Title Card.jpg
"Lulu Day" October 8, 2008
Kai-Lan recieves a picture of her and Lulu playing together, showing that Lulu wants to have a special playdate with her. Kai-Lan decides that she wants to give her a present, so she makes something that she loves, a pinwheel. She tells the audience how they blow at a pinwheel, and teaches them how to say "blow" in Chinese. Lulu shows up with a present for Kai-Lan, a dinosaur necklace, knowing that she really likes dinosaurs.
Sports Day-Title Card.jpg
"Sports Day" August 6, 2008
Kai-Lan and her friends are having a sports day today, but Rintoo keeps upsetting the gang with his constant bragging, which makes Tolee and Hoho quit. Kai-Lan must help Rintoo learn to be a good sport and help Tolee and Hoho be friends with Rintoo again.

Season 2 (2009-2010)

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
19 1 "The Ladybug Festival" February 2, 2009 201 listen (ting)

Tolee gets frustrated when Rintoo and Hoho get so loud that they don't hear what he has to say

20 2 "The Dinosaur Balloon" May 11, 2009 202

Kai-Lan accidentally knocks over the dinosaur balloon that she, Rintoo and Stompy built for Lulu's balloon festival, and Stompy doesn't help because he thinks it isn't his fault.

21 3 "Kai-Lan's Big Play" May 12, 2009 203

Hoho gets mad when he doesn't get the part of the Monkey King for the play.

22 4 "Playtime at Tolee's" May 13, 2009 204

Rintoo accidentally rips Tolee's painting and he doesn't forgive him for it, making him upset.

23 5 "The Moon Festival" May 14, 2009 205

Hoho gets disappointed when the moon isn't out for his first Moon Festival.

24 6 "Kai-Lan's Big Surprise" May 15, 2009 2-KLRA-06

Kai-Lan gets upset when a gust of wind ruins the decorations for Ye Ye's party.

25 7 "Kai-Lan's Great Trip to China" August 14, 2009 207-208

Kai-Lan and her friends travel to China to see a baby panda get its name.

26 8 "Rintoo Makes a Splash" October 13, 2009 209

Tolee and Hoho get tired of Rintoo's constant roughhousing.

27 9 "The Ants Dance" October 14, 2009 210

The Ants are putting on a dance show, but Bubu gets too bossy and causes the others to quit.

28 10 "Stompy Rides Again" October 15, 2009 211

Stompy gets upset when he can't play with his friends on the way to Hula Duck Island.

29 11 "Rintoo's Big Flip" October 16, 2009 212 circle

The gang is invited to perform at an acrobat show, but Rintoo gets upset when he can't do a flip.

30 12 "Kai-Lan's Snowcoaster" February 19, 2010 213

Rintoo takes over all of Hoho's jobs because he thinks it's easier for him to do it.

31 13 "Tolee's Turn" February 26, 2010 214

Tolee gets mad when Rintoo refuses to give him a turn driving the boat.

32 14 "Lulu's Cloud" March 22, 2010 215

Lulu invites everybody to her house for a playdate, but Hoho finds everything different and gets scared.

33 15 "Kai-Lan's Playhouse" March 23, 2010 216

Hoho gets mad when he can't find all the things he needs to decorate his wall, and he hits Rintoo in his leg.

34 16 "Pandy's Puddle" March 24, 2010 217

Tolee gets upset when Pandy falls in a mud puddle and is taken to get washed.

35 17 "Tolee's Promise" March 25, 2010 218

The gang promises to make a new merry-go-round for The Snails, but Tolee gets distracted by the Ants' scooter race that he doesn't keep his promise to bring a wheel.

36 18 "The Place Where We All Live" April 22, 2010 219 push

The gang pitches in and help the ants, snails, and worms get ready for the opening of their new fruit stand, but helping clean their mess, and helping the Earth.

37 19 "The Hula Duck Dance Party May 28, 2010 220

Tolee once again gets upset when he is excluded from playing dancing games with his friends.

38 20 "Princess Kai-Lan" October 8, 2010 221-222

The Monkey King asks Kai-Lan to help resolve a conflict between the bears and the foxes.

Season 3 (2011)

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod. code Chinese word lesson
39 1 "Journey to Monkey King Castle" August 21, 2011 301

The Monkey King invites Kai-Lan and her friends over to his castle for a big celebration.

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