Nicholas "Nick" Dean is a character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise. He is the most popular kid located in Retroville whom all the girls dig and one of Jimmy's best friends.

He rides a skateboard, doing stunts which sometimes ends up getting him injured, where in the episode "Lady Sings the News", Jimmy comments that Nick has broken his leg sixteen times in this year alone. He seems to be the rebel of the school who "don't take anything from anyone," but in spite of his seemingly fearless attitude, he is actually quite cowardly, to the point that he screams like a girl whenever something frightens him. Nick also serves as a big brother figure towards Jimmy and his friends and tries to give them mature advice often, but Jimmy usually ends up in trouble because of it. In some cases, Nick is shown to be a bit of a mama's boy and is quite embarrassed by it.

While he had a fairly large role in the movie and season one, he was reduced to a supporting character for the rest of the series. Nick was supposed to be part of the main gang, but then Libby took his place when she started being used more and more. He was going to rejoin the main cast in season four, but due to DNA Productions going out of business, that season sadly never came to be.


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