Nick Jr. Productions was the name used for Nickelodeon's preschool production arm until 2008. While the division still exists under the name "Nickelodeon Preschool Group," all current Nick Jr. shows now use "Nickelodeon Productions" ending cards as of 2008.


# Name Plot Image
1 Air Catch On a white background, we see an orange dad with "NICK" on his body and a blue child with "JR" on his body, making a "throwing" motion, like they are playing catch. The orange person throws underhand and the blue person throws overhand. Several black lines and curved lines are drawn, tracing the motion of their arms. They jump to each other and hold their hands together. 1993nickjrproductionslogo.jpg
2 City We see the Father and Son waving their hands NickJrProductionsCitylogo.jpg
3 Jungle Leaf We see a green leaf with two animals (one being a parent, the other being a child) on it.
4 Blue's Clues While the ending theme of Blue's Clues plays, on a black background, we see a picture of the Nick Jr. logo (it varies in shape, like Nickelodeon's). The parent has "NICK" on its body when his/her child has "JR" on its body. It fades out after 3–4 seconds. The copyright stamp in the logo reads "© [YEAR] VIACOM International, INC.", or sometimes not at all. 1996nickjrproductonslogo.png
5 Elephants Portrait We see two blue doors getting hit together, completing the puzzle of the portrait of an orange elephant (with "NICK" on him) and a blue elephant (with "JR" on him).
6 Giraffes On a black background, we see an orange giraffe with "NICK" on its body when his/her child has "JR" on its body. Nickjrproductionsgirrafes.jpg
7 Clay On a yellow "swirly" background, we see an orange dad and a child, both with "NICK" and "JR" on their bodies. The two people bounce around as the word "Productions", in a childish multicolored font with a little red heart on the letter "I", forms. The two people are both hugging together after the logo completely forms. Nickjrproductions1999.jpg
8 Puddle On a light blue/green gradient background, we see an orange dad, and a blue child, both playing on a puddle. Then, after they jump around and splash in the puddle, the words "NICK JR" can be seen on both bodies like the 1st logo, while the word "productions" appears below. The two boys are hugging together again after the company's name appears. 2006NickJrProductions.jpg


  • A few non-original shows (such as acquired shows and archival shows) were given a "Nick Jr. Productions" ending card, mainly if Nick Jr. was the main broadcaster for the show in America. These aren't actually original series, since they were not made specially for Nick Jr. and aren't owned by ViacomCBS.