Nickel Flicks is a television series that aired on Nickelodeon from April 1, 1979 until later that same year.


Nickel Flicks aired black-and-white serials from the 1930s–40s such as Junior G Men, Whispering Shadow, Mystery Squadron, and Galloping Ghost. It also featured early comic one-reelers starring Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle.[1] The wraparound segments were hosted by John Moschitta Jr., who later became famous as the "World's Fastest Talker" in commercials for FedEx.[2]


Nickel Flicks was produced in Columbus, Ohio using QUBE resources.[2] The show is noted for being the first Nickelodeon show to be cancelled. According to Moschitta, it was cancelled due to complaints about the violent nature of many of the serials (as the network billed itself at the time as non-violent).[3]


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