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Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Program is a series of pilots that first launched in 2012.

List of shorts

Title Created by
A Boy And His Dude Mike de Seve
Bad Bad Bunny Tarryn Henderson
Barbabyan Paul Noth & Patrick Noth
Bear Wrestler Deanna Rooney
Best Baddies Max Wittert
BroDuel Micheal Annear
Buck 'N Lou And The Night Crew Caitlin Rose Boyle & Tara Helfer
Bug Salad Carl Faruolo
Burger Bros Kevin Li
Charlie & Mr. Two Travis Braun
Crazy Block Iginio Straffi
Cupcakery Of Doom Trevor Reece
Dia De Los Tacos Vincent Scala
DJ Cluck & MC Mole Matt Morgan
Dog & Squirrel Andrea Gerstmann
Earmouse & Bottle Brian Morante
Earth To Allen Dave Schlafman
Farkels Greg Kletsel, Dessarae Bassil & Valerie Lockhart
Francine Katie Crown
Fun Times With Rez Chris Conforti
Gunwad Island Joe Rothenberg
Happy Zoo Yum Yum London
Harpy Gee Brianne Drouhard
Howdy Harrdy Henrique Lira
Ice Station Zedonk Tom Parkinson
Jan + Bobbie Hannah Watanabe-Rocco
Jo Minkus Benjamin Anders
Lazybones Casey Alexander & Lizz Hickey
Leashes Derekh Froude & Michael Kaufman
Low Life Mike Hollingsworth
Matt & Gus Matt Braunger
Meat Pie VS The Dark Ages Gabe Swarr
Menehunes Chris Albrecht
Mini Cops Nicolette Groome
My Friend Pancake Rikke Asbjoern
Off The Shelf Robert Iza
P.E. Paranormal Education Jordan Geary, Harold Moss & Keith Vincent
Pig And A Blanket Brendon Ingvy Gillas
Plunger The Dragon James Kochalka
Planet Panic Gene Goldstein
Ramblers Morghan Fortier & Brett Jubinville
Robo Wonder Kid Joel MacKenzie
Russel & Fox's Cruel And Unusual Detention Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson
Slimelab Nick Arciaga
Someone Needs To Stop Aunt Phyllis Lisa Vandenberg
Someplace Awesome Eamonn O'Neill & Marah Curran
Space Face Chris Prynoski
Space Mission: Danger! Lynn Wang & Ed Skudder
Summer Memories Adam Yaniv
Tech Oddity Marco Ibarra & Stefie Zohrer
Tennis The Good Boy Ronald Stanage & Andres Parada
The Ballad Of Bea & Cad Tim Probert
The Girl From Dinosaur Island Celestino Marina
The Magic Hour Nath Milburn & Andrew Melzer
The Outsiders Eric Bravo
The Squatch Scouts Christopher Jammal
The Super Dooper Studios Sabine Ravn & Stine Buhl
Tonk's Island Mel Roach
Torom Tellum Jim Mortensen
Ugly Mutt Dave Hagen & Shadi Petosky
Universal Brawlers Of The Universe Kevin Sukho Lee & Tim Sievert
Werebeast James Lancett
Woodstump! Zach Smith
Ziptronik Megablast Nathan Jurevicius
Zombie Brothers Eric Robles
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