Nobert Beaver, usually nicknamed as Norb or Norbie, is Daggett's smarter more laid back brother on The Angry Beavers, voiced by Nick Bakay.


He often obsesses over his hair, even going berserk when it's touched by another in prolongation. He likes to manipulate his brother, mostly in order to get things, or make Daggett look like an idiot. Even so, he will sometimes show a reluctant protective brotherly love for his younger sibling. His catchphrase is "Biiiiig HUG!" After saying this, he will force hugs on the less-than-receptive Daggett. Some of Daggett's nicknames for him are "Norb", "Norby", and "Norby-orby-orby". He seems to enjoy the finer things in life, such as money, great Arbor day gifts, hair curlers, bad horror movies, and becoming a Lipizzaner stallion. He is considered "cool" by most of the other animals in the forest, and is a usual trend-setter.


He has blond/yellow fur, a tan tail, a purple-ish nose, and brown, rounded fins/ears on his back. He is slightly pigeon-toed when standing.


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