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Episode premieres

Year Show Episode(s)
1996 Kenan & Kel "Duh Bomb" Nickelodeon 1993.svg
All That "LL Cool J" Nickelodeon 1993.svg
Space Cases "Homeward Bound" Nickelodeon 1993.svg
2002 Rugrats "Bestest of Show" / "Imagine That" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
All That "Harry Bladder Special" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
2003 Oobi "New Friend!" Noggin 1999.svg
The Brothers Garcia "The Spin Zone" Nickelodeon 2003.svg
2007 All Grown Up! "Rat Traps" Nick 2006.svg
Avatar: The Last Airbender "Nightmares and Daydreams" Nick 2006.svg
2008 Rugrats Pre-School Daze "Good News, Bad News" (series premiere) Nick 2006.svg
Nick News "The View from My Chair" Nick 2006.svg
2010 Dora the Explorer "Dora's Hair-Raising Adventure" Nick 2009.svg Nick Jr. logo 2009.svg
2011 Winx Club "Monster's Escape" Nick 2009.svg
Family BrainSurge "Episode 324" Nick 2009.svg
2013 Sanjay and Craig "Trouble Dare" / "Road Pizza" Nick 2009.svg
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Mikey Gets Shellacne" Nick 2009.svg
Monsters vs. Aliens "I Predict Horror / Destroy Chickie D!" Nick 2009.svg
Power Rangers Megaforce "The Human Condition" Nick 2009.svg
Sam & Cat "#Twinfection" Nick 2009.svg
The Haunted Hathaways "Haunted Camping" Nick 2009.svg
The Thundermans "Report Card" Nick 2009.svg
2015 ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks "Reality or Not" Nick 2009.svg
2016 Paradise Run "Thundermans in Paradise" Nick 2009.svg
All in With Cam Newton "All In with Ryan and Elisabeth" Nick 2009.svg
2017 Top Wing "Lunch Box Rescue" / "Winging It" Nick 2017.svg
Paradise Run "A Rockin' Run With Thunder" Nick 2017.svg
2018 PAW Patrol "Pups Save a Cuckoo Clock" / "Pups Save Ms. Marjorie's House" Nick 2017.svg
Butterbean's Café "The Sweetest Ride!" / "A Grilled Cheese for the Big Cheese!" Nick 2017.svg
Lip Sync Battle Shorties "Zombie Forrest, Cali Music Festival, Deep Space Planet" Nick 2017.svg
2019 Power Rangers Beast Morphers "Ranger Reveal" Nick 2017.svg
The Loud House "Good Sports" / "Geri-Antics" Nick 2017.svg
The Casagrandes "Arr in the Family" / "Finders Weepers" Nick 2017.svg
Henry Danger "EnvyGram Wall" Nick 2017.svg
All That "All That Music Special" Nick 2017.svg
2020 Ryan's Mystery Playdate "Ryan's Servin' Playdate" Nick 2017.svg

Home video

  • 2004:
    • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies VHS and DVD
    • All Grown Up!: O'Brother! VHS and DVD
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