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O'Grady is an animated comedy produced for Noggin's nighttime block The N. It Premiered on July 30, 2004 The series has not been made available on DVD, but Nickelodeon released a "Best of O'Grady" collection on iTunes in 2014.

Most of the cast and crew behind the show had previously worked on Home Movies for Adult Swim, and The show began as a set of two-minute shorts produced for in 2000. After the shorts were sold to Noggin LLC, its staff members redeveloped the show for a 22-minute format and added new characters.


O'GRADY is an animated comedy where real meets the surreal. A cartoon cross between Friends and The Twilight Zone, the series revolves around four high school students as they comically contend with their town's bizarre "Weirdness." Every episode the gang deals with a different "Weirdness," not to mention parents, school, crushes, embarrassing moments... you know, the everyday weird reality that is teen existence.


Original Reruns Continued To Air Until 2007 And On July 14, 2013-April 19, 2014 TeenNick Aired Reruns Of The Show

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