Okrah is an All That sketch that featured Kel Mitchell as Okrah (a parody of Oprah Winfrey) whose catchphrase is "I feel the hurt." Okrah's show would often detail different topics such as:

  • Kids with bad habits such as throwing things or screaming in people's faces.
  • Kids with their talents such as a girl who can drink an entire gallon of tomato juice, a girl who can do bird calls, Earboy as "Mr. X" (until Ross Perot gave him away), and a boy who does an impersonation of different characters including Sinbad.
  • An episode talking about self-defenses.
  • An episode talking about superheroes, which included Okrah helping Superdude fight Milkman.
  • An episode detailing about secret crushes, which had Miss Fingerly and Tandy Spork fighting over Lester Oaks, Construction Worker.
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