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Oliver Muirhead
Born Oliver Muirhead
Other George Mole
Occupation Actor
Years active 1989–present

Oliver Muirhead is an English character actor known for often portraying pompous country gentlemen. In 1986, he also directed the musical pantomime A Christmas Held Captive. In addition to acting, Muirhead has also lent his voice to various animated series such as P.J. Sparkles and Spider-Man and the video games Zork: Grand Inquisitor, Dead to Rights, The Hobbit and Eragon.

On Nickelodeon, he appeared on All That in the "Good Burger" sketch as a health inspector, in the episode that first aired November 30, 1996 with musical guest Immature. He later appeared on Kenan & Kel as Gavin the waiter in the episode "Freezer Burned". In 2008, he appeared in the iCarly episode "iHeart Art" as Harry Joyner, an artist who served as Spencer Shay's inspiration. His most recent appearance on the network was as Ian the butler in the True Jackson, VP episode "True Royal".