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Ollie's Pack is a Canadian animated series aired on April 6, 2020.[1] It follows Ollie and his Monster Pack. With the help of his friends, Ollie uses the pack to get monsters back to their own universe. Ollie's Pack is animated by Birdo Studio, a Brazilian animation studio.

The Ollie's Pack pilot episode was produced for Nickelodeon Animation Studio's shorts program, but Nickelodeon declined to pick up a full series. Nelvana opted to produce the show instead and now owns the copyright.


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# First segment Second segment Original air date
(1st segment)
Original air date
(2nd segment)
1 "The Chosen One...Stinks" "Not Another Superhero Movie" April 6, 2020
2 "New Kid on Campus" "The Chosen One(s)" April 7, 2020
3 "Lord of the Caf" "Doom for Rent" April 8, 2020
4 "Sorry to Father You" "Race to Sploosh Mountain" April 9, 2020
5 "Major Snooch" "We're With the Band" April 13, 2020
6 "King Swelly Belly" "Yard Sale Fail" April 14, 2020
7 "Cleo for President" "The Janitor" April 15, 2020
8 "Charmed and Dangerous" "Science Unfair" April 16, 2020
9 "Hollie Monitor" "Sister Save Me" May 11, 2020
10 "Cool Hand Wowski" "Big Bern" May 12, 2020
11 "Getting Oldie With It" "Lil' Baby Ollie" May 13, 2020
12 "Ollie Dogs" "Camp Magna" May 14, 2020
13 "Chancy Rancy" "The Monsters V. Ollie Allen" June 29, 2020
14 "History of Portshill" "Trio's a Crowd" June 30, 2020
15 "TBA" "TBA" July 1, 2020
16 "TBA" "TBA" July 2, 2020


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