Olmec was the announcer, co-host, and mascot of the game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He is a talking Olmec head who resides at the entrance of the titular temple. For most of the show's run, Olmec narrated the stories told in the steps of knowledge and temple game challenges. Over the course of the show's run, Olmec's face would appear to age as in Season 3, he has wrinkles under his eyes and under his nose in Season 2 onwards and his personality would change to allow for a bit more humor. As he spoke, his eyes would glow red intermittently.

According to the character's backstory provided for the 2016 movie adaptation, Olmec was once the human king of a great civilization. But on the day he planned to appoint his trusted son, Zuma, as the successor to his throne, his evil other son, Thak, attacked with an army of banished Temple Guards in an attempt to kill Zuma and usurp the throne. To keep his civilization out of Thak's evil hands, Olmec split his powerful Pendant of Life in two and then, before Thak could get both halves, cast a spell that turned everyone to stone until the pendant could be safely returned to him.

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