One Coarse Meal is the first segment of the 138th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Mr. Krabs is sleeping in his money bath, then he smells something burning, then SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that it smells like Plankton with his new explosives. Plankton then explodes the Krusty Krab, while his machine caught SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. Then Pearl comes to the kitchen and scares Plankton, which makes him go to The Chum Bucket.

He tells Karen about his fear of whales and she tells him there's no whales in the Chum Bucket. Then, Mr. Krabs, disguised as Pearl, scares Plankton. He enters in the Chum Bucket and Mr. Krabs appears saying that he wants the meat of Plankton. Plankton then runs away and has nightmares about an evil Pearl eating him and his cousins.

Plankton appears in the road, about to commit suicide by being run over by a bus, but SpongeBob talks him out of it and tells Plankton that it is Mr. Krabs disguised as Pearl. Plankton is angered until SpongeBob talks about Mr. Krabs' fear of mimes. Plankton decides to torment Mr. Krabs with a mime. Later, SpongeBob scares Plankton away with holographic whales to keep him from getting the formula. SpongeBob then releases Krabs and the mime continues to torment him.

Home video releases


  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 7th Season


  • The original title was "Plankton Got Served".
  • This is one of the seven episodes that was revealed on the Internet before it aired on TV.
  • On the SpongeBob site, this episode is referred to as "One Course Meal".
  • Plankton is shown to be scared of whales in this episode, but in earlier episodes, he has interacted with Pearl without panicking.
  • This episode shows that Plankton is a skilled bubble-blower, as he was able to make a bubble shield strong enough to withstand peas that SpongeBob was spitting at the speed of a bullet.
  • It is revealed that Plankton is afraid of whales and that Mr. Krabs is terrified of mimes. Krusty Krab Training Video mentioned that Mr. Krabs was also afraid of robot overlords.
  • The main difference between Plankton's and Mr. Krabs' phobias is that Plankton's technically rational, while Mr. Krabs' is obviously irrational.
  • When Plankton called SpongeBob "cheesehead," it is actually a reference to "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?".
  • The transmutator was a scanner in "Plankton!". It's possible Plankton may have modified the scanner into a transmutator since then.
  • When Plankton asks SpongeBob to step on him, SpongeBob declines, saying it goes against his "good nature". However, SpongeBob has done things contradictory to his good nature, such as sabotaging Squidward to win Employee of the Month, and trying to get Patrick arrested for speeding, out of jealousy in "Driven to Tears".
  • Karen has no compassion for Plankton over his intense fear of Pearl. Though it could be argued that computers don't have feelings, she has shown emotions before (such as crying).
  • Just before Pearl comes into the kitchen, Plankton wonders what the smell is. SpongeBob says it smells like blubber, and Plankton panics. In "Spongicus", he says one of the ingredient to his chum is whale blubber, so it's unusual that he wouldn't know what blubber smells like.
  • Pearl claims the Chum Bucket is "totally gross", meaning she must have gone inside of the restaurant before.
  • It is revealed Mr. Krabs can imitate his daughter's voice.
  • It is unlike SpongeBob to say "okay" and leave when Plankton refuses to let SpongeBob help him, except SpongeBob goes to Mr. Krabs for help which is not helping because Mr. Krabs is the reason for Plankton lying the road.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Mr. Krabs has a fear of mimes. However, at the end, he says he just finds them weird.
  • It is unknown how SpongeBob knew about Mr. Krabs' fear of mimes.
  • One of Plankton's Ancestors looks like Clem.
  • In the Dutch version, a narrator read the title card.
  • This is the first time a character almost committed suicide. The next was Squidward in "Are You Happy Now?".

Cultural Refences

  • After "16 paranoia-filled days", Plankton is seen having grown a full head of long grey hair falling into his grey beard, as well as claws. Not only do these quickly disappear moments afterward, but the claws could bear a resemblance to Wolverine.
  • When Plankton has long white hair, long fingernails, and tissue boxes on his feet, it's a parody of Howard Hughes.
  • When SpongeBob spits peas at Plankton, it resembles the Grass-type Pokémon move Bullet Seed.


  • When SpongeBob goes into Mr. Krabs's office after he erases a drawing of Plankton, his used paper and pencil are gone.

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