―Squidward delivering the most famous line of the episode

"Opposite Day" is the second segment of the ninth episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Squidward is abruptly woken up and annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick throwing a surprise birthday party for him, despite him angrily stating that it isn't his birthday. He decides to move out of Bikini Bottom and calls Patty Rechid from Bikini Realty to arrange for his house to be sold. However, he is warned that his house may not be sold if it is surrounded by bad neighbors. Squidward then gets an idea whne he thinks that whatever a good neighbor does, SpongeBob and Patrick do the opposite.

The next morning, Squidward, acting unusually goofy, tells SpongeBob that it is Opposite Day, in which everyone must act opposite to how they usually act. A now-grumpy SpongeBob believes him, and informs Patrick. A montage of the two doing "opposite" things, such as talking backwards and acting as Gary's pets, is then shown. Squidward's plot soon begins to backfire on him, however, when SpongeBob "fixes" (damages) his house. Fearing that mess will ruin his chances of his house being sold, Squidward begins cleaning the debris with a bulldozer, leading SpongeBob to think that if Squidward is acting like him, then he must act like Squidward.

“I’m Squidward!”

While Squidward is still fixing SpongeBob's house, Patty arrives, and SpongeBob and Patrick both pretend to be Squidward, giving her a tour of the house, while describing it negatively and doing the opposite of what she asks. When Squidward realizes what is going on, he rushes to his house and attempts to explain the situation. Unfortunately, Patty, annoyed to the brink by the apparent trio of Squidwards, berates all of them for messing with her and storms out, saying she wouldn't sell the house if Squidward was the last one on Earth. Furious, Squidward shows SpongeBob and Patrick how much he "hates" (likes) them by attempting to run them over with the bulldozer, scaring SpongeBob and Patrick out of their wits as he is now on the warpath against them. SpongeBob then asks Patrick if he ever feels that Squidward likes them too much.

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