Oswald Octopus is the titular protagonist of Oswald.


Oswald is the central character of the show. He is a large blue octopus with four arms and four legs who lives in an apartment complex with Henry the penguin and several other animals. A very gentle, polite, and big-hearted octopus, Oswald is always willing to go out of his way to help his friends. He is able to turn worrisome situations into opportunities for fun adventures and laughs. Oswald is all about safety and always wears a life preserver when he is around water. His favorite hobbies are playing the piano and singing.


Oswald is almost entirely dark blue. He has black eyes and wears a black hat. Oswald has four arms and four legs.


Oswald appears in every episode of Oswald. He debuted in "Rollerskating" and was last seen in "Snow to Go."

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