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Out of Control is an American comedy television series that ran on Nickelodeon from 1984 until 1985, and was the first series produced specifically for that channel (You Can't Do That On Television had been around longer, but was not a Nickelodeon original).


Comedian Dave Coulier stars as the even-keeled host Dave, whose signature catchphrase was "Cut—it—out!"; which was a catchphrase Coulier would later bring to his later show Full House. The show also features a cast of kooky archetypal characters, such as the shrill, plastic-fantastic party-girl Diz Aster (Diz McNally), the clueless reporter Angela "Scoop" Quickly (Jill Wakewood), the caustic newshawk Hern Burford (Marty Schiff), and Waldo, the bespectacled mad inventor (David Stenstrom). Also on the set was a box-like computer called the HA-HA 3200 that's supposedly the sketch and joke writer for the show.

The show featured comedy sketches on recurring themes by the Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre, appealing to viewers from the 5-12 age bracket, interspersed animation by Spectre Productions.

Regular sketches

  • Let's Eat - a food segment where Dave goes out to restaurants across the country for what he hears to be "The World's Best". If it matches the claim, Dave presents the "Let's Eat Trophy" (a gold cup with novelty chattering teeth) to the owner or chef of the restaurant.
  • It's Probably True! - A news-like segment with real or fictional facts outlined.
  • How Not To Do Things - A do-it-yourself segment with regarding or consequential results.
  • It's Alive! - A segment that deals with animals and nature.
  • Are We There Yet? - A segment that displays real or fictional locations.
  • Adult Education - A segment "where kids are the teachers and adults are there to learn". A young girl teaches a group of adults various topics that kids know.
  • Fast-Told Fairy Tales - A story segment where Diz gives her spin on classic fairy tales while being timed.
  • Hurry Up! - A segment where Dave answers a letter and uses a device called the "Hurry-Up Machine" to fast forward through a boring activity.

Guest stars included Bill Bixby (from The Incredible Hulk), Mouth Sounds author Fred Newman (who had a sound effects contest with Dave), and comedian Bruce Baum (playing a fraud who collected clothing of celebrities).

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